Afro Frenzy

Hello, my name is Kristyn. This blog will be geared towards natural hair care products and styles. I have always had natural hair; it is all that I have ever known. However, there has been an abundance of people deciding to go natural, so much so that there is a lot more information, about how to care for natural hair.

I call it the Afro frenzy, I absolutely love it. When I was coming of age I did my own investigations on styles. I went through my Afro stage in middle school detangling, as you may know can be an absolute pain. I wore my hair hot combed, long, in bobs, any style you name, I probably have worn.
Let’s share in the wealth of knowledge of our hair.

I want this to be a place you can come for information and encouragement to continue on in your hair journey, no matter your stage. I will be sharing my own personal experiences, as well as those of others. I will also be providing information on different products that may spark your interest. Come by my blog and become a part of the Afro frenzy!


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