“Is your hair dry?” “Are you having trouble detangling?”

Hello everyone, we’re talking conditioner today! If you were going through, and checking off the questions of today’s post title, and nodding your head yes, it is definitely time to whip out the nearest conditioner and go to work on your hair! We all know the signs, your hair starts to feel crunchy, you touch it and cringe, it has lost its shine, detangling is an absolute nightmare. Yes your hair is in need of some T.L.C, and fast! So, what should you look for in your conditioner? Well that depends on you, however, when conditioning, you want to think about what is being used in your product. Ask yourself, is this something that I’m willing to leave on my hair, for any length of time? Do these products have any nutritional value for my hair and scalp? Your hair is an extension of yourself, it is a part of you, it needs the same things you do. Well, not all of them, but a great deal of them! Protein is one of the number one ingredients you want to look for when conditioning. Vitamins are also helpful, such as vitamin E. Think moisture! As I said before, I have been using olive conditioner, however going organic is a great alternative to store brought products. That way you know exactly what you’re putting on to your hair. I personally have been known to use mayonnaise, as a conditioner, especially when I’m running low on products, that is! You can always go into the kitchen, and find something’s you can add into a conditioner you’re already using, or create your own creation (within reason). Please don’t just go whip up any old thing. Think about it, ask yourself is this something you need, is this going to do my hair any justice? So I’m researching more and more, about different food ingredients, that may be good to add to my conditioner. So, what caught my eye recently, is yogurt. Yes ladies, not just for eating, it’s much more. Due to yogurt containing some protein, it has sufficed for a good conditioner, go figure. I always knew that protein and moisture were good for your hair, I have added mayonnaise, cracked an occasional egg or two, but this for me is new! Avocados, also serve as a great ingredient for a conditioner. Avocados have protein, potassium, and various vitamins to moisturize your hair. So, now that we are with more information we can get to it. Remember conditioning is a key element to healthy hair. Condition often, and that means as much as needed. You can condition overnight, condition for a wash and go, condition in a baggy, whatever! You need to work conditioning into your schedule, please do! Start from your scalp, and work your way down, remember the ends are where your hair needs it the most. Be kinky, be curly, be you, and you will never fail, confidence is key!

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