oil rinsing

oil rinsing

Okay, so I must admit I don’t know everything, and I have not tried everything, but I have tried this. Oil rinsing is pretty awesome. I read up on it about a week ago, and the very next day when I styled my hair I tried it. So, basically it is exactly what it says. After you have washed your hair and your hair seems striped from all of its oils you add oil to your hair while it’s still damp. After putting the oil on your hair you leave it in for a half an hour tops then proceeds to rinse your hair and condition it as usual. It works best after shampooing, because this way you are putting the moisture you lost from cleansing directly back into your hair and scalp.

After oil rinsing my hair felt great. This time of year as I said in previous post I suffer from dry scalp. However, with the seasons changing it’s not just our scalp that suffers it’s our hair as well. Whenever the seasons change so does our hair. In the fall and winter my hair does not have its usual moisture this definitely helped me maintain my desired hair shine and softness that I have grown to love. I was completely happy with the results I could instantly see the difference. After I shampoo from now on oil rinsing is definitely my new thing. If I must shampoo I must oil rinse. Remember be curly, be happy, be you and, you will never fail.

cleansing with peppermint oil

Hi, I was on the phone with a friend of mine and quiet naturally the conversation moved on to our hair. My friend is growing out her locks she has had locks for a while now. I asked her if she would write for the blog and she agreed, so hopefully you will be hearing from her soon.

peppermint oil 2However, I asked her about her hair regiment, and she said peppermint oil. She disclosed that she used peppermint oil to cleanse her hair. I like I said in a previous post no shampoo no problem this seemed to definitely be the case for my girl Stephanie. You could literally hear her light up over the phone. She said she loves it she can’t get enough.

peppermint oilSo, me being who I ‘am I said oh yeah I have to look into this. Who said curiosity killed the cat? Sure enough I came up with testimonials, videos and other blog post on peppermint oil. Its benefits sound wonderful. Peppermint oil is said to have properties that stimulate hair growth as well. It cleanses your scalp as well as prevents dry itchy scalp, and can be used as a hair mask or in place of shampoo.

It is said to literally cool your scalp, and with the seasons changing that sounds delicious. I must say I do suffer from itchy scalp and the winter time can really take me through it with my scalp, and its already starting with fall just approaching. Amounts vary depending on thickness of hair. Peppermint oil can be mixed with other oil like rosemary or jojoba for either cleansing or conditioning. This is definitely something to think about.

oatmealI don’t know about you but I plan to get my peppermint on. Thanks to Stephanie I may be able to fight a dry scalp and grow out my hair two birds with one stone aye. Also if your battling dry scalp oatmeal is definitely an option mixes it into your conditioner and let it sit primarily on your scalp for at least a half an hour and be amazed by the results. Who says oatmeal is only for breakfast?

Ruby’s transitioning hair journey

Hello, everyone I told you all in earlier blogs that I have never had a perm, therefore I could offer only information I came across through research. I decided that was not enough, I needed to offer my readers more. Readers of this blog need to be able to get advice from someone who understands you and your current hair situation. So, I brought in Ruby D. Legree she is a beautiful person and writer ; her story goes as follows.

                   ruby D.Lee    

I do not remember exactly when I got my first perm, but I know that it was at a very young age.Getting a perm was not my choice. No one made me quit getting perms, but I was inspired by a friendafter I loved how healthy her hair was and her hair texture. I also gained awareness from Chris Rock’s, “Good Hair”, watching that documentary, helped me to understand the negative effects that a perm can have on my hair.

Going natural was a huge commitment; it took a lot of courage for me to do something that I had never done. It became even more of a commitment to take care of it with its new texture. As I transitioned into natural, it was very hard managing having both natural hairs at the roots and permed hair at the ends; I knew I wanted to have natural hair so I did hairstyles like, cornrows, kinky twists and Senegalese twists to help my hair grow longer before I cut my permed ends.

My hair texture is how I thought it would be when I was younger; I noticed my roots would be wavy and curly when I went a couple of weeks without a perm. I did not expect for my natural hair to be as soft as it is though. In order for me to find hair care products, I would ask some of my friends who were natural what they used and I would just try the natural hair care products to see how they worked in my hair.

Chopping off the permed ends felt great, this was actually my second time doing it, so this time I was not as nervous of how my hair would turn out. I transitioned longer this time around, so my hair was longer and I knew how the texture would be. Plus, I have more information now on taking care of my natural hair then I did before. I transitioned for 9 months before I cut my permed ends off. I knew that it was time to chop off my processed hair when I realized relying on perms to have beautiful hair was a lie. It actually damaged my hair.

If I could give any tips for future natural hair rockers, I would tell them to love who they are hair and all, God created all of us to be different, accept it and appreciate it. Learn more about your natural hair and the benefits of keeping it natural. Your natural hair is yours; don’t be afraid to be who you are!

Coil me Crazy

Hi, I ‘am super excited to share with you all that I have finally tried coils. I’m not sure if they are in love with me or I ‘am in love with them. I have tried coils once before, but it didn’t turn  out the best and it wasn’t my hair. So I have officially broken myself in to coils, and no guys I ‘am not locking my hair just broadening my hair style options. I saw coiles done with combs, but I decided to do finger coils. Before I began the process of coiling my hair of course I had to cleanse and condition my hair.

After detangling my hair I began to coil my hair. I started off by taking my hair section by section in the desired size I wanted my coils to be. Now when coiling your hair I learned that it is a must to use a hair holding product. A product that would remind you of gel as it can be described simply. I do not use gel, but gel is not the anti-Christ as long as it doesn’t have alcohol or silicones in it you should be fine. I used a motions product by the title of “define My Curls”. “Define My Curls” has Shea butter, avocado oils, and coconut I found it to provide really good results. I usually use it when I do my twist. It seems to give my hair a little extra hold, if your hair is anything like mine you get what I mean.

However, when coiling my hair I took a little bit of the product and wet my finger with water I started at the roots and I twirled my finger around then held the strand with the opposite hand in order to move my way down gathering more hair to begin to twirl it around my finger again. After I make it down the strand I make my way to the next section. When coiling your hair you want to pay close attention to the ends and the roots closest to your scalp. A coil may separate easily if the top or the ends are not secure. My hair is pretty soft so they must be secure or, they will without a doubt unravel. When I was styling my hair, I did notice that at times I had to go back and tighten a coil (if it was slipping out). I also noticed that if not careful your hair my tangle while wraping with your finger.

Once the coils were finished I had to let them dry before touching them or styling them. Once they dried they were in place pretty well. Coils are the foundation for locks, so just as you would do your twist don’t keep them in too long or, your hair will lock. No your hair is not more prone to locking with coils then twist but, you want to be just as mindful unless beautiful locks is what you’re looking for (locks is a fine choice).I fell in love with coils and I hope you all will send in coil results and pictures. Remember, be curly, be happy, be you, and you will never fail.

The latest do!

Braid outs! Yes braid outs our latest do. I have been doing my twist challenge for the last couple of weeks and decided to switch it up. I haven’t worn braid outs for the longest until recently. I have been the twist out queen for years now. I will flat twist my hair. Two strands three strand the whole nine yards, but more recently I fell back in love with braid outs. One day I was styling my hair and before I out my moisturizer in I said let’s try a plate instead of a twist. I have not regretted it since. I wear them now I have thrown them into one of my go to hair styles. It’s pretty good for the fall, because I can just put my hair back into plates and I don’t have to worry about much. I like the curly pattern it makes. It’s funny how one bad experience will make us hate a hair style. The last time I wore my hair in a braid out was in middle school I didn’t like it and I was hot. So I never tried again, but now you can tell me anything I love it. I also love when you have had it for a couple of days and you get in the shower without a cap and it gets spritzes and when you get out you have cool big fluffy hair which I ‘am rocking now! Comment let us now about your latest do and braid out testimonials would love to hear from you. Remember, be curly, be happy, be you, and you will never fail.

bad hair habits

Hey, so we all have our share of bad habits. I have mine when it comes to hair, and I know you do too! So, today I will bare all! I twirl my hair. Yes guilty as charged I’m that girl twirling, pulling and tugging, and playing in her hair! It’s the worst habit, I kicked it, but when school started back up this semester I was back at it. Not always greasing my scalp directly after washing my hair. Falling asleep on my hair is like a big one, but I’m kicking that. Changing hair styles far too quickly. Doing my hair in a rush that may lead to not so gentle detangling sessions. Scratching my scalp far too harshly, but now I message my scalp with my fingertips, especially since it’s due to nerves and allergies. This is an old one that took me no time to kick so no judging over washing my hair. I was an athlete so when I worked out I would sweat in places I didn’t even know I had but my scalp would be drenched so I couldn’t stand it I would wash my hair like every 3 to 4 days to rid my hair of excessive sweat, but then I started to co-wash with warm water and all was solved. Last, but not least trimming my ends as a little girl. I hated getting my ends trimmed I still hesitate; it’s just those scissors coming at my hair SCREAM! I couldn’t stand it, I went through a stage where the curl of my hair at the tips I hated, and I would hack off my hair way too short when it came to trimming. Now I have learned and I trim as needed and it’s just a snip. I say all that to say that we all have are hair struggles, and where all growing along this journey, we have to realize our fault and grow to move past them. Something’s we will struggle with our whole lives, but don’t give up not in life and not in hair! Send in your bad hair habits and how you plan on kicking them. Remember, be curly, be happy, be you, and you will never fail.

Twist challenge

Last week we talked about protective hair styles. So, I figure I tell you how it went. Like said before I had been wearing wash and goes religiously for a bit.  I knew I needed to put my hair away. Touching it and detangling or any form of manipulation needed to just stop! So, I twisted my hair for about a week and a half two weeks with curly twist, I bandtu knotted them I love curls so, I had to especially since I had not been wearing twist for a bit ,so it took some adjustment. I left them in for as long as I could stand, but then I woke up with the most irritated scalp, so I washed conditioned and twisted my hair it lasted a week. I know it’s not very long, but it’s a start. When I wore twist all the time I wore them for two weeks, before they just had to go. However, I would re-twist the twist that were fuzzy, and the whole nine yards (low manipulation was like out the window). My hair frizzes so easily, I have soft hair which I love, but it doesn’t always maintain styles for long, without a little frizz. This past week, I started off fine; I did my hair in chunky twist. I wore my twist down it was love at first sight. I put on a bonnet went to sleep and the next day the frizz began. I held out, I left it alone; I put it back in hair pens at the most. I refused to comb my hair, so I stayed strong even though I wanted to touch them up so badly , because I was running the risk, of one day waking up looking like a fur ball (mind you it’s mostly in my head). I kept my twist in, I even got encouragement to leave them alone, and a complete blessing I know. Sadly to say I took them out this morning, I ‘am currently rocking a twist out, which I love by the way. I plan to wear my twist out for a couple of days if not longer. I would love to hear about you guys, and your journey to accomplish low manipulation hair do’s. Remember, be curly, be happy, are be, and you will never fail.


lime and egg hair mask

Hey, everyone today we are going to talk about lime. So, I have heard of using lemon or lime to cleanse your hair, and we can’t forget lime or lemon for lightening your hair or getting high lights. How ignorant I was lime  can be added to your conditioner. The seasons are changing so you know what that means so is our hair. We need more moisture, because our hair is more susceptible to becoming dry. I was talking hair, with a fellow afro frenzy member, and she started to tell me about great ways to keep your hair moisturized. Oh boy, we had a long great conversation; I love talking hair. There is always so much to learn, and always new things to try. Having natural hair is truly a constant journey, because there seems to constantly be new information sprouting up everywhere. So, you know after talking with her about lime and egg I had to research it, and find out for myself. Low and behold, Ms. Lady was absolutely right! Blogs and websites started to pop right up. The lime and egg treatment is actually a hair mask, it is said to leave your hair looking moisturized longer. Healthy looking, and feeling hair, is what we all strive for. With the seasons changing, I already have been noticing a change in my hair. I washed my hair with shampoo and oh lord when I was finished my hair was dry, dry, dry. I used cream of nature Aragon, and I love that shampoo it usually leaves my hair silky, and moisturizes, I’m almost afraid to touch it. But, not this time! I used a little too much shampoo which in the summer would have not made any difference, but now a whole other story words cannot describe. My hair was stiff I used my conditioner (which I talked about in my first couple of blogs) and, that sat on my hair for hours! I say all that to say, that your girl needs moisture, long lasting moisture, for the approaching season. Just add the egg and lime to the conditioner you use already (make sure it is low in protein due to the egg) let it sit for a couple of hours and, view results. There are plenty of recipes and tips out there for how to use lime in your hair, don’t be afraid to explore. I challenge you to add lime and egg to your conditioner, and see how it works for you; maybe we can compare results next time. Remember, be curly, and be happy, are you and you will never fail.