lime and egg hair mask

Hey, everyone today we are going to talk about lime. So, I have heard of using lemon or lime to cleanse your hair, and we can’t forget lime or lemon for lightening your hair or getting high lights. How ignorant I was lime  can be added to your conditioner. The seasons are changing so you know what that means so is our hair. We need more moisture, because our hair is more susceptible to becoming dry. I was talking hair, with a fellow afro frenzy member, and she started to tell me about great ways to keep your hair moisturized. Oh boy, we had a long great conversation; I love talking hair. There is always so much to learn, and always new things to try. Having natural hair is truly a constant journey, because there seems to constantly be new information sprouting up everywhere. So, you know after talking with her about lime and egg I had to research it, and find out for myself. Low and behold, Ms. Lady was absolutely right! Blogs and websites started to pop right up. The lime and egg treatment is actually a hair mask, it is said to leave your hair looking moisturized longer. Healthy looking, and feeling hair, is what we all strive for. With the seasons changing, I already have been noticing a change in my hair. I washed my hair with shampoo and oh lord when I was finished my hair was dry, dry, dry. I used cream of nature Aragon, and I love that shampoo it usually leaves my hair silky, and moisturizes, I’m almost afraid to touch it. But, not this time! I used a little too much shampoo which in the summer would have not made any difference, but now a whole other story words cannot describe. My hair was stiff I used my conditioner (which I talked about in my first couple of blogs) and, that sat on my hair for hours! I say all that to say, that your girl needs moisture, long lasting moisture, for the approaching season. Just add the egg and lime to the conditioner you use already (make sure it is low in protein due to the egg) let it sit for a couple of hours and, view results. There are plenty of recipes and tips out there for how to use lime in your hair, don’t be afraid to explore. I challenge you to add lime and egg to your conditioner, and see how it works for you; maybe we can compare results next time. Remember, be curly, and be happy, are you and you will never fail.


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