Twist challenge

Last week we talked about protective hair styles. So, I figure I tell you how it went. Like said before I had been wearing wash and goes religiously for a bit.  I knew I needed to put my hair away. Touching it and detangling or any form of manipulation needed to just stop! So, I twisted my hair for about a week and a half two weeks with curly twist, I bandtu knotted them I love curls so, I had to especially since I had not been wearing twist for a bit ,so it took some adjustment. I left them in for as long as I could stand, but then I woke up with the most irritated scalp, so I washed conditioned and twisted my hair it lasted a week. I know it’s not very long, but it’s a start. When I wore twist all the time I wore them for two weeks, before they just had to go. However, I would re-twist the twist that were fuzzy, and the whole nine yards (low manipulation was like out the window). My hair frizzes so easily, I have soft hair which I love, but it doesn’t always maintain styles for long, without a little frizz. This past week, I started off fine; I did my hair in chunky twist. I wore my twist down it was love at first sight. I put on a bonnet went to sleep and the next day the frizz began. I held out, I left it alone; I put it back in hair pens at the most. I refused to comb my hair, so I stayed strong even though I wanted to touch them up so badly , because I was running the risk, of one day waking up looking like a fur ball (mind you it’s mostly in my head). I kept my twist in, I even got encouragement to leave them alone, and a complete blessing I know. Sadly to say I took them out this morning, I ‘am currently rocking a twist out, which I love by the way. I plan to wear my twist out for a couple of days if not longer. I would love to hear about you guys, and your journey to accomplish low manipulation hair do’s. Remember, be curly, be happy, are be, and you will never fail.


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