Ruby’s transitioning hair journey

Hello, everyone I told you all in earlier blogs that I have never had a perm, therefore I could offer only information I came across through research. I decided that was not enough, I needed to offer my readers more. Readers of this blog need to be able to get advice from someone who understands you and your current hair situation. So, I brought in Ruby D. Legree she is a beautiful person and writer ; her story goes as follows.

                   ruby D.Lee    

I do not remember exactly when I got my first perm, but I know that it was at a very young age.Getting a perm was not my choice. No one made me quit getting perms, but I was inspired by a friendafter I loved how healthy her hair was and her hair texture. I also gained awareness from Chris Rock’s, “Good Hair”, watching that documentary, helped me to understand the negative effects that a perm can have on my hair.

Going natural was a huge commitment; it took a lot of courage for me to do something that I had never done. It became even more of a commitment to take care of it with its new texture. As I transitioned into natural, it was very hard managing having both natural hairs at the roots and permed hair at the ends; I knew I wanted to have natural hair so I did hairstyles like, cornrows, kinky twists and Senegalese twists to help my hair grow longer before I cut my permed ends.

My hair texture is how I thought it would be when I was younger; I noticed my roots would be wavy and curly when I went a couple of weeks without a perm. I did not expect for my natural hair to be as soft as it is though. In order for me to find hair care products, I would ask some of my friends who were natural what they used and I would just try the natural hair care products to see how they worked in my hair.

Chopping off the permed ends felt great, this was actually my second time doing it, so this time I was not as nervous of how my hair would turn out. I transitioned longer this time around, so my hair was longer and I knew how the texture would be. Plus, I have more information now on taking care of my natural hair then I did before. I transitioned for 9 months before I cut my permed ends off. I knew that it was time to chop off my processed hair when I realized relying on perms to have beautiful hair was a lie. It actually damaged my hair.

If I could give any tips for future natural hair rockers, I would tell them to love who they are hair and all, God created all of us to be different, accept it and appreciate it. Learn more about your natural hair and the benefits of keeping it natural. Your natural hair is yours; don’t be afraid to be who you are!

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