cleansing with peppermint oil

Hi, I was on the phone with a friend of mine and quiet naturally the conversation moved on to our hair. My friend is growing out her locks she has had locks for a while now. I asked her if she would write for the blog and she agreed, so hopefully you will be hearing from her soon.

peppermint oil 2However, I asked her about her hair regiment, and she said peppermint oil. She disclosed that she used peppermint oil to cleanse her hair. I like I said in a previous post no shampoo no problem this seemed to definitely be the case for my girl Stephanie. You could literally hear her light up over the phone. She said she loves it she can’t get enough.

peppermint oilSo, me being who I ‘am I said oh yeah I have to look into this. Who said curiosity killed the cat? Sure enough I came up with testimonials, videos and other blog post on peppermint oil. Its benefits sound wonderful. Peppermint oil is said to have properties that stimulate hair growth as well. It cleanses your scalp as well as prevents dry itchy scalp, and can be used as a hair mask or in place of shampoo.

It is said to literally cool your scalp, and with the seasons changing that sounds delicious. I must say I do suffer from itchy scalp and the winter time can really take me through it with my scalp, and its already starting with fall just approaching. Amounts vary depending on thickness of hair. Peppermint oil can be mixed with other oil like rosemary or jojoba for either cleansing or conditioning. This is definitely something to think about.

oatmealI don’t know about you but I plan to get my peppermint on. Thanks to Stephanie I may be able to fight a dry scalp and grow out my hair two birds with one stone aye. Also if your battling dry scalp oatmeal is definitely an option mixes it into your conditioner and let it sit primarily on your scalp for at least a half an hour and be amazed by the results. Who says oatmeal is only for breakfast?

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