oil rinsing

oil rinsing

Okay, so I must admit I don’t know everything, and I have not tried everything, but I have tried this. Oil rinsing is pretty awesome. I read up on it about a week ago, and the very next day when I styled my hair I tried it. So, basically it is exactly what it says. After you have washed your hair and your hair seems striped from all of its oils you add oil to your hair while it’s still damp. After putting the oil on your hair you leave it in for a half an hour tops then proceeds to rinse your hair and condition it as usual. It works best after shampooing, because this way you are putting the moisture you lost from cleansing directly back into your hair and scalp.

After oil rinsing my hair felt great. This time of year as I said in previous post I suffer from dry scalp. However, with the seasons changing it’s not just our scalp that suffers it’s our hair as well. Whenever the seasons change so does our hair. In the fall and winter my hair does not have its usual moisture this definitely helped me maintain my desired hair shine and softness that I have grown to love. I was completely happy with the results I could instantly see the difference. After I shampoo from now on oil rinsing is definitely my new thing. If I must shampoo I must oil rinse. Remember be curly, be happy, be you and, you will never fail.

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