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Vanessa VanDyke’s school at first did not offer a remark ,but now that it is later on in the week, they  have said plenty. The school officials are saying that they are not asking her to cut, or put any product in her hair, but they are not accepting her hair as it is. They also retracted that Vanessa would be expelled. My question to you all is, is that enough? Read More

I’am Vanessa VanDyke

“It says that I’m unique,” VanDyke said. “First of all, it’s puffy and I like it that way. I know people will tease me about it because it’s not straight. I don’t fit in.” For those who have not been following the story Vanessa VanDyke is a twelve-year-old student at a Christian academy in Florida. Vanessa was asked to either straighten her hair or cut it with in a week or she will be expelled. Vanessa was told her hair was a distraction, because she was being teased. Read More

Tips for styling on dry hair verses wet curls

Hey guys today I will be sharing how I get through a week of styling on dry hair instead of wet hair. Here is my secrete I braid my hair at night. I know so simple right!Yes, I put my hair in about 12 plaits at night. If I have any kinks left over from the day before I brush them right on out. Yes brush with a soft bristled brush. I try to avoid unnecessary hair lossage.

In the morning I have the choice of keeping the crimps or finger detangling. If you apply Shea butter to your hair the night before your hair should be easy to work through.If you follow this tip you will avoid unnecessary tangles and your hair and scalp will thank you! The following are pictures from clutch magazine. Remember be curly be happy be you and you will never fail.Remember be curly be happy be you and you will never fail.



Detangling made easy


grimesHey everyone we will be discussing  detangling. I know that I have done a previous post about detangling, but after having a conversation with a friend I decided that I would post another.  My friend shared that  he attempted to do a dry detangling. It didn’t end well he  ended up with the pick stuck in his hair.Since  he couldn’t get it out  he wore a turtle neck to disguise it.  After I listened to the story i shared some tips.

I never pick my hair it is entirely to rough on the hair and scalp.I always moisturize my hair prior to detangling paying close  attention to the ends. If I am detangling my hair with out water I brush my hair with a soft bristle first.I take my  time detangling especially detangling on dry  hair.When we our gentle with our hair we will discover that it is less time-consuming. Remember be happy be curly be you and you will never fail.

Styling hair under stressful circumstances

Hey guys, this week with hair I went through a few more changes than usual. If you have read the previous post you know that my style for the week was an awesome (If I do say so myself) flat twist out to the side. I did the flat twist out on Saturday after I washed it. My hair was what I call curly awesomeness (yeah I made that up) from Saturday until Tuesday night. On Tuesday I resisted it and Wednesday and Thursday were great, but when I woke up Friday my hair just gurl! Words do not express how crazy I looked. It was around seven and I had to walk out of the door at 8’oclock. I had to think fast what I shall do. I know that natural hair girls will do their hair and, because they are not through styling they put a hat on. I didn’t want to participate in that lol. I’m sorry I just can’t! Maybe on a quick run or if I’m not going anywhere I wouldn’t mind wearing a hat. However, Friday wither I liked it or not I was going to be seen all day.

So what I did was I used hair pins and transformed my side pin up hair due into a forward pin up leaving out only the top. The curls I had were in complete disarray, so I put the rest of my hair in bandtu knots. These kinds of times are when a water spray bottle comes in handy. You can make a water spray bottle out of your old oil spray bottles. Without the help of my water spray bottle and my organix coconut oil spray none of what I say from here on out would be possible. Now usually I do not two strand twist my hair before I put my hair in bandtu knots, but I was pressed for time. I needed curl definition fast. When styling quickly, you know you won’t get the same polished look you get with more time (you have to be creative). Thinking on your feet is essential. As soon as I finished putting in the bandtu knots I jumped in the shower and dressed and when I took out the bandtu knots they were not overnight success but definitely a good look for the time being. We don’t always have all the time we want to do our hair, but we have to be resourceful to make it work. Remember if my hair was not right in the morning I would without a doubt be late. Not anymore! Time is of the essence and we have to prepare to conquer the day even if that includes hair malfunctions. Remember be happy be curly be you and you will never fail.

Before(complete mug shot) rough night            quick stylingAfter!

More then a flat twist out

Hi, everyone I hope you all had a great week. So, I almost always try to style my hair over the weekend (Saturday to be more specific). I’m currently sitting before the computer with about 5 twists in my hair letting my conditioner set. From previous post you guys know that I have been wearing braid outs like crazy. So last weekend I decided to switch it up. I was looking online (social networks) and I came across this hair style. I instantly loved it really looked like something I would wear. So what did I do I completely stole the look. The look is simple just a flat twist out. Sounds plain right? Well you would be wrong the flat twist are twisted from right to left which gives you the hair falling to the right. I love side do’s. When a couple of years ago that was my go to wash and goes had to be to the side twist to the side it was a must! You know the saying out of sight out of mind that’s exactly what happened to me. I completely forgot how much I use to love that look.

Let me walk you through the styling steps. Now after you have conditioned your hair or washed and conditioned your hair the first thing you want to do is part your hair. I parted my hair from left to right. Before I began to twist I used raw Shea butter and moisturized my hair from top to bottom specifically the ends. Now you don’t have to use Shea butter but Shea butter works really well for me. I have noticed that with the seasons changing I cannot just spray a light oil on my hair I need something a bit thicker. There is nothing worse than dry natural hair (be proactive). You can always use a leave in conditioner if you are inclined that works very well with keeping your hair moisturized, but you will still need a sealer. After the hair is moisturized I begin my flat twist.

For those who may not have tried flat twist before no worries it is very similar to braiding. You gather your two sections you can twist down for a bit if that’s more comfortable and then just begin to add hair into the twist you were already creating. Just keeping making your way across and before you know it you will be easy sailing and it will be back to normal two strand twist until the end. I made about five twists. One thing that you want to watch out for is making the middle to thick, because they are going across your head and that can be awkward. While you are doing this I would suggest for you to have more than one mirror in order to view the back. Once I finished I greased my scalp and waited for the twist to dry. I left mine in for about five hours. There is no set time just until they are dry. Now you want to make sure they are dry all the way through so don’t rush it. Also the ends of the twist because they are no longer flat may need some revamping. You can also try flexi rods (see previous post on flat twist out). Once your hair is dry, although your hair is already positioned to the side you may want to put a couple of hair pens to secure it. After that you are done! It’s simple and is easy to repair. Its only five twists if something is a little out of place you can easily put a bandtu knot or twist here or there. The look is simple, but it looks very nice. Remember, be curly, and be happy, are you and you will never fail.

back of flat of flat twist out

No water no problem


Hey everyone, I thank God for this week, but it had some rough patches. Earlier this week I was not feeling so hot. My hair needed to be redone and the way I was feeling umm! I was absolutely not wetting my hair that’s a fact! So I added some raw Shea butter and proceeded to brush my hair out. I didn’t have a lot of time.  I put a couple of braids in as I got ready. It wasn’t my best dry braid out but it was wearable. The Shea butter really made it easy to work the brush through my hair. My hair may not have been top notch on looks, but it was definitely top notch on how it felt. I believe in health over everything. That’s all for this post but I will be giving you guys an update on a planned braid out. It came out more like a blow out, but I just love my hair! Remember, be happy, be curly, be you and you will never fail.

Change is not always bad

Hey Afro frenzy community I hope everyone had a great week. Let’s talk shampoo today I used creme of nature products now enriched with argon oil. I use to just get in the bath or shower and just add shampoo and go to work worry about detangling later. Oh no! Not anymore. I have recently decided that that was just not for me. I now section my hair into three or four sections. It’s just easier that way. My hair tends to tangle with all the scrubbing going on so to avoid a matted mess I section it. I definitely loose less hair now. It has done wanders for me. Less tangles leads to less stress. Let’s face it avoids a major head ache. Now we can’t pop out aspirin every time we go to style our hair now can we. I for one have been known to have broken a comb on this here head of mine. Go ahead laugh, but I have learned to take my time with my hair and do things smarter not harder. The picture below is exactly how I look when I ‘am preparing for a shampooing sexy right?

shampoo rigement

I now  do an oil rinse  after I shampoo and before I condition. Oil rinsing is now a must for me. I know that we get into a routine and we don’t want to avert from it, but you can’t keep doing something that has not been working. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Don’t be afraid to listen to your hair. So what if you are not supposed to wash your hair for another week. If you have build up wash your hair. If your scalp is dry grease it. If the seasons change your hair you change your hair regiment. What you do in the summer will not work in the winter. Sweet heart it’s okay to change as long as you are doing what’s best for your hair. It doesn’t matter if your hair crush doesn’t do it. You’re not your hair crush your you and you have your own hair to deal with. Be true to yourself and be honest about your hair needs. Remember be happy be curly be you, and you will never fail.

India rocks out with a flat twist out!

                India 2     

India was spotted at the ETV building on Delaware campus with a killer twist out.

Until recently I have not seen India’s hair.

She is a protective style queen, and her hair loves her for it.


India explained that she twists her hair down in nine flat twist over night for her perfect finish look.

Her hair product of choice is “Beautifully textured” and of course water and more water.

India’s hair came out looking great so this maybe this could be one of your knew go to styles.

Hey it worked for India. Remember be happy be curly be you and you will never fail.