Change is not always bad

Hey Afro frenzy community I hope everyone had a great week. Let’s talk shampoo today I used creme of nature products now enriched with argon oil. I use to just get in the bath or shower and just add shampoo and go to work worry about detangling later. Oh no! Not anymore. I have recently decided that that was just not for me. I now section my hair into three or four sections. It’s just easier that way. My hair tends to tangle with all the scrubbing going on so to avoid a matted mess I section it. I definitely loose less hair now. It has done wanders for me. Less tangles leads to less stress. Let’s face it avoids a major head ache. Now we can’t pop out aspirin every time we go to style our hair now can we. I for one have been known to have broken a comb on this here head of mine. Go ahead laugh, but I have learned to take my time with my hair and do things smarter not harder. The picture below is exactly how I look when I ‘am preparing for a shampooing sexy right?

shampoo rigement

I now  do an oil rinse  after I shampoo and before I condition. Oil rinsing is now a must for me. I know that we get into a routine and we don’t want to avert from it, but you can’t keep doing something that has not been working. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Don’t be afraid to listen to your hair. So what if you are not supposed to wash your hair for another week. If you have build up wash your hair. If your scalp is dry grease it. If the seasons change your hair you change your hair regiment. What you do in the summer will not work in the winter. Sweet heart it’s okay to change as long as you are doing what’s best for your hair. It doesn’t matter if your hair crush doesn’t do it. You’re not your hair crush your you and you have your own hair to deal with. Be true to yourself and be honest about your hair needs. Remember be happy be curly be you, and you will never fail.

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