More then a flat twist out

Hi, everyone I hope you all had a great week. So, I almost always try to style my hair over the weekend (Saturday to be more specific). I’m currently sitting before the computer with about 5 twists in my hair letting my conditioner set. From previous post you guys know that I have been wearing braid outs like crazy. So last weekend I decided to switch it up. I was looking online (social networks) and I came across this hair style. I instantly loved it really looked like something I would wear. So what did I do I completely stole the look. The look is simple just a flat twist out. Sounds plain right? Well you would be wrong the flat twist are twisted from right to left which gives you the hair falling to the right. I love side do’s. When a couple of years ago that was my go to wash and goes had to be to the side twist to the side it was a must! You know the saying out of sight out of mind that’s exactly what happened to me. I completely forgot how much I use to love that look.

Let me walk you through the styling steps. Now after you have conditioned your hair or washed and conditioned your hair the first thing you want to do is part your hair. I parted my hair from left to right. Before I began to twist I used raw Shea butter and moisturized my hair from top to bottom specifically the ends. Now you don’t have to use Shea butter but Shea butter works really well for me. I have noticed that with the seasons changing I cannot just spray a light oil on my hair I need something a bit thicker. There is nothing worse than dry natural hair (be proactive). You can always use a leave in conditioner if you are inclined that works very well with keeping your hair moisturized, but you will still need a sealer. After the hair is moisturized I begin my flat twist.

For those who may not have tried flat twist before no worries it is very similar to braiding. You gather your two sections you can twist down for a bit if that’s more comfortable and then just begin to add hair into the twist you were already creating. Just keeping making your way across and before you know it you will be easy sailing and it will be back to normal two strand twist until the end. I made about five twists. One thing that you want to watch out for is making the middle to thick, because they are going across your head and that can be awkward. While you are doing this I would suggest for you to have more than one mirror in order to view the back. Once I finished I greased my scalp and waited for the twist to dry. I left mine in for about five hours. There is no set time just until they are dry. Now you want to make sure they are dry all the way through so don’t rush it. Also the ends of the twist because they are no longer flat may need some revamping. You can also try flexi rods (see previous post on flat twist out). Once your hair is dry, although your hair is already positioned to the side you may want to put a couple of hair pens to secure it. After that you are done! It’s simple and is easy to repair. Its only five twists if something is a little out of place you can easily put a bandtu knot or twist here or there. The look is simple, but it looks very nice. Remember, be curly, and be happy, are you and you will never fail.

back of flat of flat twist out

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