Detangling made easy


grimesHey everyone we will be discussing  detangling. I know that I have done a previous post about detangling, but after having a conversation with a friend I decided that I would post another.  My friend shared that  he attempted to do a dry detangling. It didn’t end well he  ended up with the pick stuck in his hair.Since  he couldn’t get it out  he wore a turtle neck to disguise it.  After I listened to the story i shared some tips.

I never pick my hair it is entirely to rough on the hair and scalp.I always moisturize my hair prior to detangling paying close  attention to the ends. If I am detangling my hair with out water I brush my hair with a soft bristle first.I take my  time detangling especially detangling on dry  hair.When we our gentle with our hair we will discover that it is less time-consuming. Remember be happy be curly be you and you will never fail.

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