Tips for styling on dry hair verses wet curls

Hey guys today I will be sharing how I get through a week of styling on dry hair instead of wet hair. Here is my secrete I braid my hair at night. I know so simple right!Yes, I put my hair in about 12 plaits at night. If I have any kinks left over from the day before I brush them right on out. Yes brush with a soft bristled brush. I try to avoid unnecessary hair lossage.

In the morning I have the choice of keeping the crimps or finger detangling. If you apply Shea butter to your hair the night before your hair should be easy to work through.If you follow this tip you will avoid unnecessary tangles and your hair and scalp will thank you! The following are pictures from clutch magazine. Remember be curly be happy be you and you will never fail.Remember be curly be happy be you and you will never fail.



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