Transitioning styles from one hair style to the next

Hello everyone I hope you all had a great hair week. Long time no speak I haven’t been doing my usual once a week posting. So today I’m going to be talking about transitioning styles that carry you from one hairstyle to the next. Now you all may have guessed already twist yes twist are the perfect transitioning style in between hairstyles. I mean what girl doesn’t love a good twist out, but what if you waited two weeks instead of five to six hours? Well it may seem like a long time to wait but that’s exactly what I did.

If you checked out my last post you know that my last hairstyle was twist. If you are like me and want your hair to grow or are just looking to maintain the length you have acquired this is perfect. I’ am always looking for ways to prolong my hairstyles to have the least amount of manipulation. Plenty of people have delayed their twist outs while in the process of growing their hair out look at people like Hair crush and Naptural 85. I use to only wear twist for the longest, but I started to value the hairstyle of twist outs instead of giving my hair the break it needed.

Twist is versatile and can be put up in high or low buns hairpins and pony tales when they get old. There are always creative ways to prolong your twist. I struggle with dry scalp which I have shared with you all my tips and hair regiments in previous post. My scalp at times is the determining factor of when I decide when washday is. However, if you’re suffering from winter itch adding some Shea butter to your scalp is just shy of a miracle.

I wore my hair in twist for about two weeks and when I decided to take them out I had such an itch to style it. I mean we can be in such a rush for change that we miss out on the possibilities of how long we can go with out styling and detangling.When I took out my hair I just knew I was in need of some TLC for my scalp. Lord Jesus knows I needed to act right away I took out my Shea butter and went to work on my scalp. Now when taking out twist that you have had in for a while your hair shouldn’t be but so dry, but adding a little coconut oil to you hair never hurt nobody.

When going from twist to a twist out it is important to unravel from the bottom and it may help to oil your hair before taking down your t. I had small/medium twist so it cut down on any extra unraveling that would affect the definition of the curl. When twisting with the plan to wear a twist out later on down the line it may behoove you to make your twist the desired size of the curl that you would like. Remember be happy be curly be you and you will never fail.


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