No bangs No problem

Hey everyone lets talk hair! More specifically let’s talk bangs. So, I myself don’t have bangs well not in a traditional sense. I have different lengths in my hair, but that’s not by choice (whole other story lol). However, I had two interviews yesterday (pray a sista get a job) and I wanted to do something to my hair out of the ordinary.The idea came to me when I was talking to another Afro frenzier! We were talking and you know how that goes the ideas began to flow. I have to admit that I have been really lazy lately but you know like I know when you have an interview you have to put it on for them even if you’re not in the mood.

So here’s how it goes. I did a three strand twist out. Okay three strand twist out is easy enough correct?? You would be right if that is your mind-set. I transitioned from a wash and go from the day to the three strand twist set. I used a spray bottle of water of course, organix Renewing Aragon oil of morocco intense moisturizing treatment ( I leave it in but it is not a leave in conditioner) and organic coconut oil to seal it. After I completed three strand twisting my entire head  I took out the front section I wanted my bang to be and I went to work.

Word of caution when you are doing any  form of setting whether its twist or braids you have to position your hair the way you want it to come out. I decided to do  my bang on the side , because I usually do a side part. I pulled out the section that I wanted my bang to be and I made about thee sections. After separating the sections I proceeded to put the first strand into a what? A bandtu knot! I put three medium-sized bandtu knots in the front of my hair. By doing this you avoid the scissors and give your self a new look that you didn’t have before. Check it out below.Peep the MJ shirt! My fav no explanations necessary. Remember be happy, be curly, be you , and you will never fail.


2 thoughts on “No bangs No problem

  1. Janet

    Kris, I am so happy that you kept your hair natural. you have never ceased to amaze me! and yes! praying that you get the job 🙂


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