Maybe the girl forever wearing a bonnet is on to something


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Everyone has a friend or knows someone who always has on a bonnet or head scarf. If you can’t think of someone you are that someone.They go every where in them to the bank, work, appointments you name it. But, have you ever stopped to wonder if that women may  be on to something. Well if you haven’t you probably should.

Think back to the days when you went to the shop to get pin curls or a wrap. You may not have even made it home before you wrapped your hair to preserve the new do. Once you were in the house for the next week or so you were diligent about the preservation of the slayage. As soon as you stepped foot in the door the first thing on your agenda was to wrap your hair for the evening.

Take the premise of wrapping your straight hair in the house and apply it to your natural hair. Just think of the possibilities. Preservation of your style  ( Bantu knot, braid out twist out flexi rod etc.) will be a definite. You won’t have to worry about your hair rubbing against the collar of your shirt or your furniture.

Let us not forget it will definitely prevent the infamous hands in hair syndrome.Lets face it cutting down on hands in hair syndrome will help with hair growth and…. reduce the amount of  hair  shed. Every time you  give your hair a tug you  run the possibility of hair shed. Having your hair covered will be the assurance you need that your hair will not be over manipulated in  your down time.

I am not in the least saying that you should become another bonnet lady. However,  wearing your scarf or bonnet over your hair while lounging in your own home can be beneficial and cut down on frizz.Not to mention lock in moisture. Who could disagree with that. Remember be happy be curly be you and you will never fail.

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