How I learned the importance of trimming my hair


When I was growing up like most little girls my mom did my hair. When I got older I started taking more initiative. However, Although I was learning about my  hair I had a major issue.

As a tween I hated  getting my hair cut. I cringed at the thought of it. My mom and my sister tried to explain the benefits of trimming your hair ,and I just wasn’t going for it.I wanted long hair.I didn’t want to lose any length. Although it was explained to me that a trim was for the over health of my hair, I didn’t want scissors anywhere close to my head.

Then something happened, the middle of my hair broke off. It most likely was from a combination of things or, what my mom said which was wasn’t moisturizing  my hair leaving it prone to breakage and low and behold she was right. But, what I know for sure is that not trimming my hair definitely didn’t help the situation

I began to learn from word of mouth and watching others care for my hair as well as their own.I could often be found leaning against the door post as my family members did their hair.

By high school I began to trim my own hair.I found value in it ,because I understood that in order to have healthy hair a trim every now and again was necessary. There were definitely more mistakes I made along the way, but this one taught me a valuable lesson. The moral of the story is trimming away split ends isn’t a lost but a win and a step in the right direction to healthy hair. Remember, be happy, be curly be you, and you will never fail.

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