Work smarter not harder



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When wash day rolls around we pull out all of our hair products. We pull out our products for cleansing, conditioning, and styling. All of that is fine and dandy but what if I told you it could be easier.

Here’s the truth  wash day will always be wash day. However, if you choose your products right you can shorten your steps. For instance take creme of nature’s cleansing conditioner the  directions say to cleanse your hair as if you are using a shampoo then leave it in for it to do its magic. well my friend I think we  just skipped our deep conditioner now didn’t we.

The other trick that I use is using products that can double as a leave in and a  styler. when I am in the mood for a quick wash day I use a thick leave in  conditioner that can act as my styler and leave in. That means when its time to do the L.O.C method what do I do I use water my oil of choice and that thick leave in  conditioner that I mentioned earlier.

Picking products that can double in there purposes can cut back on time and products used. Also I find the less I use on my hair the less I have to worry about those pesky flakes we all love to hate. Hopefuly you found this information to helpful. If you have any more tips for washday feel free to leave a comment. Remember, be happy, be curly, be you, and you will never fail.


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