Street cred


One day I was out and about running errands with my s.o and let’s just say when I looked in the mirror I saw more frizz then curl. I forced myself to get up get dressed and embrace where my hair was at that day.

We have all experienced a day when our hair just didn’t give off that va va voom.Well that was the day I was having. I usually love when my hair is fluffy and is giving me a bit of body. This day I had big hair but I felt it could use a deep conditioner cough or two.

As we were  out we ended up stopping by H&R block. As I was sitting and waiting for him to finish up something quite spectacular happened. A lady comes in and is waiting as well.

I noticed her look over a time or two and then it happened. she compliments my hair. Tells me how nice and full it is and begins to tell me about her own journey to returning natural.We dish on great hair products and healthy hair tips.

The conversation was super positive it left me with hair confidence. It’s just the little things that can really make your day. On days when you’re not feeling as confident as you would like about your tresses remember that someone out there admires you.

If I’m honest it’s on the days that I am the most self-conscious, about my hair ,that I recieve the most compliments.You should always be confident no matter what state your hair is in. Remember, be happy, be curly, be you, and you will never fail.



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