Eco styler gel might be on to something 

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I know that the title says eco style gel might be on to something, but honestly it’s a gross understatement. I’m usually not crazy about gels. I always thought of gels as  icky and always making  my hair flake.

You know the gel growing up in the big jar with the brown gunk  yes that’s what I imagine when I think of gel. With Eco style gel I have had a whole new experience. I finally tried Eco style with flaxseed and black castor oil. The gel is  anti itch, and flake. The gel is also a great  moisturizer to say the least.

If you plan to use this product I would recommend using it sparingly a.k.a a little bit goes a long way. If you are generally heavy-handed you don’t need to be with this gel.

The first time I used it a few weeks ago I only used the gel. I wanted to see its benefits on its own first. It left my hair with great shine, and get this it promotes growth. If  you are looking for a product that has that property this might be worth trying.

It smells great and even has some shimmer to it. It doesn’t have alcohol and that’s always a plus in my book.The only thing to  be aware of  is that it has a level ten hold. A ten hold means if you’re not careful you will have a gel cast.Again please note a little bit goes a long way.

When I finished I did have a bit of  hardness to my hair, so I took a small amount of coconut oil and scrunched on both sides of my head to soften my curls.After I scrunched with the coconut oil my hair was good to go.

I did this on a wash and go and I ended up with great definition and minimal shrinkage.I have heard great reviews about it and I would have to agree. I found one particular video very helpful.Here is the link Remember, be happy, be curly, be you, and you will never fail.




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