No seriously, where did that hair pen go?


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bobby  pins are great! They come in handy in a pinch. I keep a pin or two in my purse. You have fly aways use a bobby  pin. Got that one strand of hair that’s misbehaving teach it  to stay put with what your hand dandy  bobby pin. Want a bang but just for today use bobby pins. Like I said they are great.

Let’s just get down to it. The other day I put a bobby  pin to make sure my hair stayed in place. After I did my hair I went about my day. I ended up at the Springfield mall in  Nordstrom. Me and a girlfriend of mine start checking out the Bobbi Brown Cosmetics  make up collection.

My eyes settle on their lipstick collection. Listen your girl loves a good lip.I had the pleasure of being assisted by  make-up artist Collin Ridgeway. Ridgeway was so helpful to me and my girlfriend. He even was so kind to put on a full face so I could get the fill for how the products would look on me. Everything went well I ended up getting their high shimmer lip gloss in Pink sequins and the Luxe Lip Color(lipstick) in Brocade 15 along with their blush in Berry 34(in case your were interested boo).

So in other words he did a great job of marketing the products and I left out with some great stuff. But, here’s the thing as I was getting my face put on my hair was inconveniently causing so much attention. In other words it was in the way. So I decided oh maybe I can pin it out-of-the-way to help out poor Ridgeway who is having to hold my curls out the way and guess what that hair pin straight up disappeared. I’m not one to reshuffle a bobby  pin. I mean I might fluff  but reshuffling a bobby  pin is not in my h.m.o  honey.

So, okay no big deal it will turn up right, wrong.I wish I could tell you that this is the first time this has happened sadly it isn’t. I loose hair pins just like you and the next person who wears their  hair big and curly. The only difference is I usually find them on wash-day but not this time for all I know its in outer space, or wherever our hair pens and hair ties go when we can no longer find them. Or maybe its with that missing sock that never made it out of the dryer.

The point  is if you have ever lost a hair pin you are not alone. If you have ever put your hair up for the night and a hair pin you don’t even remember falls out I’m with you girl. If you have ever were in the middle of wash-day and hair pens fall out and you genuinely don’t remember putting them there Im here to tell you I been there.

Now if there is like more than two pins falling out hey you may either be being pranked  ,but if it’s just the one or two your normal, and we all have been there. I mean when I hear my guy say how do you know your dating a black girl I already know what he came across and that would be a hair pen my friend. Your not alone and there is a whole community  of curl friends who have experienced similar experiences. Remember, be happy, be curly, be you, and you will never fail.

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