If you water it it will grow


There are so many growth supplements out there that promise to give you long hair. For just a moment let’s just consider that maybe the solution is quite simple.

Water! The answer is water. Think about it this way our bodies are over 50 percent water. We hear so much about the importance of drinking water. It may even be safe to say that it is said so much it has become noise.

So, here I am once again telling you water is essential. Drinking water doesn’t just affect how hydrated you are but your hairs ability to be healthy and grow. When we think about moisture for our hair we think of what we can put on it, but what about what we consume.

Water is important on every level when it comes to your hair. It is the most natural conditioner you can use. When you  wet your hair before applying oil it really penetrates the hair follicles that much more.

Water is essential in giving your hair the moisture that it needs. In fact when it comes to shampoos and conditioners the word I look for is moisture. I also take it a step further by looking at the ingredients and making sure the first thing listed is water. When water is listed first it means it is the main ingredient.

At one point I was going through a phase where growing my hair out was really at The focal point of my hair care. I would use biotin and collagen shampoos and conditioner and even oils.All of that was great but another thing that I did was spray my hair with water everyday.

I wouldn’t soak my hair but I did  mist my hair using a water bottle. Of course I was doing this on wash and goes. I know what your thinking my hair must have gotten frizzy and sometimes it did. I’m aware that your hair is not a plant but it still needs to be watered. Water your hair by drinking water or a combination of spraying water and drinking water.

Hear me I’m definitely not saying that water is a magical growth serum. Water will not have your hair at your ankles in a week.What I am  saying is that if you’re not getting enough water it can affect how healthy you are which includes your hair.

It won’t matter what hair growth treatment you use if you don’t drink water. Water is so important.You can’t discuss healthy hair without discussing water.Remember, be happy be curly, be you, and you will never fail.

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