I stole bae’s conditioner and I don’t regret it



My last wash day was quiet the adventure. A squirrel got into the house. Just as I was finishing up I came face to face with a tree rat. To say that I was freaked out was an understatement. I ran out of the house before I even got a chance for my hair to dry.

If your wandering yes I was worred about my hair products being destroyed. The bugger destroyed my baby hair tooth brush, but everything else was sealed. Thank goodness for my man  being willing to trap it in there and get it to leave the house and sealing its entry point. I’m telling you fact is stranger than fiction. But, before I ran out I made a great discovery.

When I go to the hair store I usually stock up. I stock up on all the things that I will need for about a month even more at times. I buy my leave in conditioners, curly creams, gels, conditioner, cleansing conditioners. Just about everything you can think of I try to get so  that it takes the hassle out of my wash day. Well the last time I went to get the products I needed I left out a key item. That item was my cleansing conditioner.

Since the previous wash day I had just used shampoo I had to think on my toes. Well I looked and I thought hmm babe has extra conditioner. See my guy has locks and when I do his hair I do condition it but he doesn’t need nearly as much as I do. So, it was the perfect crime. Well that is until I told on myself.

My  guy uses Tresemmé he has been using this line since I took over his hair care over two years ago. We usually use different hair products but this time I was pleasantly surprised. I used  Anti-breakage with vitamin b12 and gelatin.I used it as a cleanser and deep conditioner. I worked the product through my scalp as if it was shampoo and then through my hair leaving it to sit on for 10 or 15 minutes. On the bottle it only needs to sit 2 to 3 minutes, but I decided to leave it on a little longer.

When I rinsed my hair out it was soft and my curls were super hydrated and my hair was clear of the build up from the week. I couldn’t have been happier with the results. I tell my guy omg I used your conditioner and it worked so well on my hair. He looks at me unfazed and says yeah that’s why I use it shrugs and walks off such a guy lol. I can’t blame him he told me about this conditioner literally years ago.

So, if you are looking for a conditioner that will leave your hair with nice soft bouncy curls try Tresemmé anti breakage conditioner you won’t be disappointed. Now full disclosure some of their shampoos and conditioners do have sulfate and silicon’s  in them so be aware of that if you choose to try more of their products. Tresemmè however, does have a new hydration curl line that I have yet to try. When ever you use new products  make sure to check the ingredients.  I did this at the spur of the moment and happened to get great results but taking the time to check out the ingredients never hurt anyone. Remember, be happy, be curly be you, and you will never fail.



2 thoughts on “I stole bae’s conditioner and I don’t regret it

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