Shrinkage:Friend or Foe

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Shrinkage often gets a bad rap. Its pretty obvious why I mean come on you finally have your hair to your desired length or close to and you step in the shower and nobody can tell. A lot of people are natural now for the specific purpose of having strong healthy hair. 

Lets face it length at times is a big determining  factor  for women who are natural. There are people who go purely on length checks to see how healthy their hair is.Now don’t get me wrong there are people who have the most healthy hair and length has nothing to do with it and there are people out there that have long hair that isn’t necessarily at its best.

So lets take a closer look at shrinkage. We already know that looks can be very deceiving. Once you get beyond the wanting to have a certain look is shrinkage really a bad thing. The answer is no shrinkage is not our enemy.

Shrinkage is actually an indicator of healthy hair. Whenever there is  damage or any other issue the hair is usually limp. The hair in a damaged state lacks curl definition and the natural body that a healthy head of hair would have.

When your hair is healthy your curls should shrink. Your curls when gently pulled should spring back into its original curl pattern.Whenever you moisturize your hair you are going to experience shrinkage. This is especially  true when your hair is healthy.

We give shrinkage a bad name but its proof that we are doing something right! We are properly hydrating our hair and doing whats best for our curls. I know that shrinkage may not be the look you are  going for but be encouraged it’s not just you experiencing this every curly head out there is dealing with this.

Embrace your curls in all of its shrinkage glory. Remember that shrinkage isn’t the end of the world but a reminder that you are doing your due diligence in maintaining healthy hair.

No matter how long or short your hair is love yourself at the stage you’re at and keep pushing towards your goals how long your hair appears to be is just apart of it. Remember, be happy, be curly, be you, and you will never fail.

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