Strictly baby hairs


I know that everyone has been laying their edges for eons. Here’s the thing ya girl hasn’t.Some might say I had the freeform baby hair thing going on.

For me as long as they were(my edges) healthy I couldn’t care less. It didn’t matter if they laid down or not. I know it probably sounds like madness to some but it has taken me this long to see the light. However,  now I can say that I have been laying my baby hairs down.

If you read a few post back “I stole bae’s conditioner and I dont regret it”you would know that my toothbrush strictly for my baby hairs was destroyed. None the less I have been laying them like nobody’s business.

I have just began styling the baby hair and so far I have been using Black castor and flaxseed oil eco styler gel. It has a great hold. I start off by simply wetting them with water and then I use either a toothbrush or the side of a soft bristled brush to smooth them downward.

Once my hair is prepared I add my gel. The key for me is to make sure that your hair remains pulled back to allow the  hair to dry.I learned that the hard way. Once I flopped my hair on top  before it dried and baby…  it straight looked like I was sweating or something not kept at all.

My routine is simple. I still do all of the other things I mentioned in my previous post “what about those edges though.”Those steps are still at the core of how I care for my edges baby hair included.Styling my baby hairs is just an extra step for the sake of style. No I don’t do my baby hairs everyday but when I have time why not.

Doing things that make you feel good as a women no matter how small are important. Feeling that you look just a little more magical can put a pep in your step and the world at your feet. So for all intents and purposes do you boo! Remember ,be happy, be curly, be you, and you will never fail!

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