Whipping up a lil sumpin 


My last wash day I decided that it would be a DIY washday well mostly. I have been meaning to add more DIY’s  to my regiment and I thought why not start this week. I looked up a few recipes and made them into my own.What I love about DIY’s is that you can use products that you would ordinarily have lying around  the house.

I started off with a prepoo which is something else I have been meaning to get around to. I have read articles on prepooing and people have raved about the advantages of doing them. For some reason I just hadn’t tried it. I would always say to myself that  I would try it and then  wash day would roll around and  I would by past it. Not this time!

For my prepoo I simply used coconut oil. I took my hair down and added coconut oil from the roots of my hair to the tips. I focused on my ends  the most. I then massaged the oil into my scalp which is not apart of prepooing but lets be honest who doesnt love a good scalp massage with a little oil. I mean is it just me or are scalp massages just short of heaven. I let the oil sit on my hair for over an hour but a half an hour or less is just fine.

The prepoo definitely worked wonders just as all the articles said it would. My hair was definitely prepped for cleansing and it showed.I like to do a bit of detangling before cleaning because during the act of scrubbing my scalp my hair tends to get tangled and I want the least amount of tangles as possible. The coconut oil allowed me to do  that with ease.

Next I decided to cleanse my hair with apple cider vinegar.  The mixture is simple and quick but lets not forget very affective. Apple cider vinegar must be diluted so I generally add half a cup of water and half a cup of vinegar. The mixture can be varied depending on how much or how little you  need.

Prior to my wash day my scalp was very dry and itchy. oiling my scalp  just wasn’t doing the trick. Girl! When I tell you I had huge dry pathches; listen, I aint neva lied. When my scalp is in this state apple cider vinegar is my best friend!The reason why apple cider vinegar is so  bomb in this situation is because it  regulates your scalps sebum ph stopping an itchy scalp in its tracks.

For my conditioner I went DIY as well. My conditioner was a variation of some recipes that I modified to make into my own.  I used a tbsp  of coconut oil 2 tbsp  of creamy African shea butter one tbsp of honey and one cup of almond milk. I added in all the ingredients and blended them in a blender.

After blending my ingredients I left it  in the fridge to chill until it reached my desired consistency. I treated it as a deep conditioner or hair mask and left it on like we do anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour or eight( Im just saying). In this case it was maybe a half an hour if Im honest I took a nap.Hey this is a no judgement zone Im sure its happened to you once or twice.  I finished off with the only store brought product of my wash day which was  the As I am leave in conditioner.

I found knowing exactly what I was putting in my hair refreshing. Mixing in what I thought  my hair needed felt great. I must say for my first time making my own conditioner I might just be hooked. With this simple wash day routine I lost little to no hair while detangling. My hair thanked me with how it responded to what may be a steady rotation in my hair regiment.

The only thing that  I will say is that if your going to try this  you may not need as much shea butter as I used. In retro spec a table spoon would have done the trick. With shea butter a little bit goes along way. Hopefully this  post will inspire you to come up with your own hair staples in your kitchen or wherever the magic happens. Its nothing wrong with experimenting and finding out what works best for your hair with clean ingredients. Remember, be happy, be curly, be you ,and you will never fail!

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