Ew girl is that your hair





Hey, all I hope that you have had an awesome hair week. I have been enjoying the DIY life, I really have. But lets just say I had some questions. Just the other day I was sitting on the couch across from my guy surfing the internet( aka looking at hair tutorials or whatever) and I had a very disturbing thought.

“So what do girls do if their DIY’s go bad do they just walk around smelling like hot garbage?” I say this out loud half to myself and half to babe. I mean I’m really in a state panic and shock that I hadn’t thought of this. He just looked me dead in the eye and said in a very serious tone “you know I don’t know look it up” then went back to whatever new tools or car parts he was checking out. So whats a girl to do. Well, this girl surfed the web and you wouldn’t believe what I found.

It turns out that rosemary and vitamin e are natural preservatives. I’m sure if you have been mixing up your own mixes you have already came across this information but your girl hasn’t.  It was a relief to know that just a few drops of either vitamin e or rosemary oil would  be the easy fix that I had been looking for. So you may have guessed what I did I went out and brought some vitamin e oil for just a few bucks at CVS.

Although my conditioner is supposed to last a week with refrigeration a little security couldn’t hurt. Vitamin e and rosemary are easy enough to find so that’s a win. When I make my conditioner it usually last for two washes so a week is all I really need but like I said I like to be sure ( wash days maybe delayed). What better way to preserve your DIY then with oils that won’t damage your hair. Starting off with items that are in good condition of course.

I know this sounds like something I would have already thought of having been mixing up my own conditioner for a few weeks now. The truth is I just didn’t. The thought of walking around stinking because my products went bad was not something I was looking forward to. So to say that a natural preservative like vitamin e or rosemary oil was a life savior is a gross understatement. The more you know! Remember, be happy, be curly, be you, and you will never fail!

5 thoughts on “Ew girl is that your hair

  1. Skatsz

    I can kind of relate; I absolutely ditest the smell of acv but its a really good detangler so what I plan to do is to add some oils (Lavendar, Vit e oil) & that should help with the smell.

    Thanks for sharing! xx

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    1. Kristyn Aurora

      Yes ACV can be strong.I’m planning on doing the same (adding lavender). Tell me how it works out for you. I would love to hear about your results.

      P.S no thanks necessary thank you for stopping by 😊


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