Issa product review


I may spend a long time at the hair store but more times than not I’m getting the same thing. The last time I went to the hair store I decided to try something different. I was looking at a couple of products and I decided to use As I am. Full disclosure I have used As I am’s styling products  before a couple of years back. I have been using As I am’s leave in paired with the hair milk for the past few weeks. It doesn’t hurt that I have been seeing a lot of advertisement for As I am. The power of advertisement am I right.

In this case the marketing worked in my favor. I have been using As I am for several weeks now. I usually  use creme of nature and there are some differences. ‘s leave in is a lot thicker then the As I am leave in conditioner but don’t let that fool you. If you’re looking for long-lasting moisture As I am is the way to go. As I am’s leave in although  its light weight leaves your hair supple with a healthy shine.

I did my hair on monday and my hair has remained soft and defined. My curls are still in tact. The frizz has not over taken my head leaving me looking like a wild lion which is always a plus. The products gave my hair such a great shine. The up keep is fairly minimal. I do what I usually do wear my hair in a pineapple at night with a silk scarf or bonnet maybe even both. In the morning I dampen the perimeter of my hair and I add the hair milk with my oil which in this case has been Aragon oil. Finishing off the look by laying those edges with Eco Styler black castor and flax seed styling gel. Not to mention that usually I have to start refreshing my edges earlier then I have with As I am.

I havent had issue with flaking or product build up which is what I keep my eyes open for when testing any product. Another thing that I love about this product is that if you tend to be heavy handed the product is light enough that it wont cause issue later. Not all leave in conditioners are created equal. I have experienced leave in conditioners that are too light and can’t stand on their own without some sort of curly cream to pair it with. As I am is not that conditioner its consistency is a healthy medium not too thick but still able to get the job done. My hair was left looking light and full with these products and I would recommend them to anyone.

Not all products work for every head of hair the same. I will say  this  I found this product to leave my hair looking its best. As I am  also  has some of the ingredients that I like such as jojoba oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter hence the long lasting moisture. I know that for some you may think  it is to light because that’s what I thought when I  first  poured my dime size amount, but  boy was I wrong. Just to  be clear a dime size amount for a section of hair not my whole head. God bless those women who can do so but this gurl can not! I want y’all to know that when you see that in the directions (dime size amount)or have someone say that’s all you need just know I am with you in spirit thinking the same as you “what b.s” and b.s it is.

Over the past few weeks I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience with the As I am leave in and hair milk. If you happen to try it let me know your experiences in the comments section. I would love to know how it worked out for you. As for me I would say compliments on day two and day four hair on a wash and go gets my vote! Remember, be happy, be curly, be you, and you will never fail!


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