Easy Peasy Detangling 

Art by Debra Cartwright

Detangling can be very hectic. While detangling your hair you can face many difficulties. I want to share with you how I make detangling a little easier. The five tips are moisture, sectioning, using the shower stream to your advantage, using your fingers as your first line of defense and last but not least patience.

Moisture is the first tip because moisture is the most important step in detangling for me. I was very tender headed as a child and now into adult life. The solution  as a child was to spray my hair with water prior to combing or brushing to loosen up the tangles.

Essentially prepooing with conditioners and oils are also to loosen the tangles. Lately I have been prepooing with coconut oil which has made my detangling process  much easier. It protects your hair from being completely striped from its moisture prior to cleansing. Preparing your hair before  putting a comb or brush to your hair makes all the difference.

When it comes to detangling sectioning my hair is a must. It wasn’t always that way. I use to just put the shampoo or conditioner in and just scrub away without any care for the potential tangles that it  would cause. Although it might seem that sectioning your hair is time-consuming I have found that it has cut my time for detangling down.

I separate my hair into six sections three on each side. That doesn’t have to be the case for you. I originally started out with a lot  less, but that middle is a whole other animal. I actually split the middle so it’s that much easier. I refuse to willing break another a comb on brush trying to snatch through a nap!

Once I’m in the shower I like to use the shower stream to my advantage. I tilt the section I want to start working on first and I tilt my hair under the water. When my hair is wet it’s as if the knots melt away as opposed to trying to style it on bone dry hair (It’s like working with a spray bottle but better). Using the shower stream can be great, but you still have to take your time. In its wet state your hair is vulnerable to tares and damage.Which is why the tools you use play a key role.

Using tools that are gentle on your hair can cut down on how much hair you lose when you detangle. For me my fingers are the first tool I use when working  out the kinks in my hair. I may not have the patience to only use my fingers but starting with them stops me from excessive shedding on wash day. I simply finger detangle at minimum my ends to give my self a head start before using a wide tooth comb.

When you comb or brush your hair you may not be able to feel for a tangle but with your hands you can find the knot with a lot less effort. When your fingers play a part in your detangling routine you go straight to work on the route of the problem instead of getting your comb stuck and continuing to repeatedly comb over a large section of hair to loosen one small knot.

Last but not least of the tips that I try my hardest to abide by are patience. Patience when doing my hair and yours is key. There are times that we go to style our hair and we are in a rush or just simply not taking our time. In those moments when we are not acting in patience is when our hair is the most susceptible to snags, tares and those dreadful split ends.

It has always been my experience that when I rush to do my hair or anything else in life it never ends well. Taking your time to do your hair may seem like a complete hassle but setting aside time when you don’t have to rush pays off every time. Remember, be happy, be curly, be you, and you will never fail!

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