Refresh my curls

Art by Sharee Miller


Hey all, I hope that your hair is flourishing and your days have all been great hair days. This blog post is all about how  I refresh my curls on the day-to-day. On wash day I moisturize my hair with the intent for it to last. I take the time to really apply products that act as  moisturizers. On day two hair I  generally don’t put anything on my hair. I literally put it in a pineapple and I’m off to sleep. The next day I shake it out and go about my way.

Day two is usually the same but most likely on day three or four is when I start to put more effort in. Like I mentioned in “What about those edges though”   I like to take time out for my edges. Although maintaining  your edges is essential the battle isn’t over after your edges are done.

I like to assets the damage when  taking down my hair later in the week. I take pieces of hair that are frizzy or less defined and I bus out mydayandy-dandy water spray bottle. I mist the section of the hair that I want to revive. After adding water I apply my products.

When refreshing my curls I do  use a leave in conditioner at times but  you have to look out for flaking.  Flaking can occur from  over layering your products through out the week. My solution for product build up on hair  is to use something lighter like a daily moisturizer. The two that I have been rocking with are As I am’s hair milk and Carol’s Daughters refresher spray. If I  decide that a moisturizer isn’t doing the trick it will still cut back on how much leave in conditioner I use which is a plus.

I find that when you put too much product on top of each other it just turns into a greasy mess. Then here you go looking like a grease monster and that’s never a win. The last thing you want  to happen is to  have just used the last of your  hair product and be forced  to wash it all out trust me I’ve been there. A healthy medium is the solution and in my experience less is more.

I know that each head is different. Some of you may need to refresh your curls a lot sooner than I might need to. You may find that you  have to refresh your curls less often than I do.  The key is to do what is best for your curls which includes  keeping it moisturized. If your hair feels dry then it is. If your curls have begun to frizz it may be lacking moisture as well. Take the time to find out what your hair needs. The L.O.C method or the L.C.O method is a great way to maintain moisture with out cramping your style. A healthy head of hair is a beautiful head of hair. Remember, be happy,curly, be you, and you will never fail!

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