Fighting against frizz no more

We all have those days when the humidity is just really putting a damper on our hair. You searched and searched and couldn’t find that perfect product that would give you the results you were looking for.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but, honey, dear, my sister, my brother, fellow member in this afro frenzy baby it’s not out there. Your hair will be affected by the weather.

You will wake up some days with perfect curls everywhere but one small section and it will kill you. However, I have some news. Usually when we think that our hair just looks the absolute worse someone comes up and pay you a compliment.

Embrace your hair accept it for what it is. Your hair is natural and it will do as it very well pleases. Let your hair have its own personality. The shape, texture, and length of your hair gives it its personality as does the frizz.

Now that the cats out of the bag you may still want to avoid complete disaster. My advice is to try to style your hair in styles that are close to your hair texture. This will help you to combat humidity.

kris braid out

On days when you know that it’s going to rain style your hair in a braid out, or twist out or a wash and go. Making sure that your hair is completely dry when taking down your hair  is imperative.

It may sound silly but if your hair is not completely dry your style won’t stand a chance in the humidity. Remember I said choose hair styles that are close to your hair texture well heres what not to do. Don’t blow out your hair!

If you do a blow out be prepared for the shrinkage. And Baby there will be shrinkage! The biggest  tip is to relax. Accept the fact that you are beautiful with or without a little frizz.

I have come to love my hair inspite of the frizz. I’m sure you will learn to as well. There are some hair care products that may  help like hair yogurt from Organix or Ms. Jessie’s or even dark and lovely’s hair collection for elongated curls.

Just so you know I suffer from the humidity as well and the above picture is yours truly. Just the other day I didn’t know that it was going to rain and I forgot an umbrella. I had my hair in a braid  out with no products. Yikes right no!  

At first I was freaking out but, then out of nowhere I liked it because it was still me just bigger hair. Check out different products figure out what works for you. Don’t fight the frizz embrace it (that is when humidity is involved). Remember, be happy, be curly, be  you and you will never fail!

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