Your Roses really smell like poo poo

Hey naturalists! I hope that you have been having nothing but fabulous hair days. This post is about my experience with rose-water. I have never used rose-water before although I have heard good things about the benefits of using it.

I decided to make rose-water on a whim. I actually received roses from my significant other. I was able to use some of the roses I received  to start the process. The first thing I did was pull the pedals off of the flower. I wasn’t sure if two roses would be enough, as it turns out they  were more than enough.  I mean I was really surprised by how many pedals were on two little roses.

After I rinsed the roses I put the roses in a pot and submerged the pedals in water and set the water on low. Once the roses were wilted down ( they will look similar to cooked spinach) I  turned the roses off. This is not a fast process and you want to be sure that you are not burning the roses. I let it simmer as I went about my cleaning chores. Once the roses were finished the water was red. However, I have heard that the color of rose-water varies. So if you get to this point and the water has not changed colors it’s no need to panick.

Once the roses were finished I let the mixture cool. After the mixture cooled I  strained the water into a spray bottle void of the pedals. Well not all of them because I thought  one or two would be pretty. Boy was i in for less than a treat.In short it was in fact pretty, but only at first.

One day I go to pull out the rose-water to set my hair. When I looked baby! The rose pedals were brown hunny.  I had no idea that rose pedals could be runny. Girl I gagged! I  had to chuck the rest of the water that was in the spray bottle. Hence why the name of this post is roses really smell like poo poo. luckily the two roses made enough for two batches so when I switched out the old water for the new I was sure not to add any rose pedals.

The rose-water lasts for about two weeks(outside of the fridge). I did add vitamin e oil but in the end the shelf life is the same. For my first time using rose-water I thoroughly enjoyed it. The rose-water kept my hair soft and moisturized and was a great addition to refresh my curls on the daily basis.

This experience was a two for one not only did I get to experience the benefits of rose-water but I also learned a few lessons. For one don’t be surprised if flies and thangs swarm I mean you smell like a flower. Dont be like ya girl because those pedals aint for you in the end. They not loyal lol. I also learned that if you refrigerate it the color will seem more vibrant. So if you prefer to keep it refrigerated don’t be alarmed if the color switches up on you ( it will also last longer).

Through out the time I used rose-water I tried to spray my hair as opposed to my scalp because I do have allergies and I am allergic to some plants. I would definitely recommend testing a small  piece of skin like your hand or wrist before using for a prolonged period of time. There are other ways to make rose-water that I would encourage you to explore. Rose water is a great addition to your cabinets and is a multi purposed beauty product that can be used for hair, skin , and nails. Remember, be happy, be curly, be you, and you will never fail!

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