In search for a new bonnet you’ll never guess why

Baby hairs can be so bomb. You can have your baby hairs on fleek! It’s the final touch to the perfect wash and go, twist out, braid out, bantu knot set. If you can name a hair style sleek baby hairs can really add flare to the final look.

Its nothing wrong with long baby hairs. There is nothing wrong with adding in a bit of your edges just so that you can achieve that extra swoop. Lets face it you just had  to have that extra swoop! We spend time prepping and picking out the ultimate edge control just so that we can have our baby hairs really look there best.

How  can I put this delicately? If your baby hairs suddenly seem like they have gotten longer umm boo your edges are falling out! Now I don’t mean to alarm you. It’s a very good chance that your baby hairs can be getting  longer. Perhaps that black castor oil that you have been rubbing into your edges every night has finally paid off.  However, if you are considering your baby hairs to be  deeper and deeper into the perimeter of your edges, and your forehead seems a wee bit bigger. Houston we have a problem!

Don’t get me wrong we are in this together. I got your back girlfriend! I am you shoot. So often we forget how delicate our edges are. We pull our hair too tight. We put too much stress on our edges when we get our braids  done. We don’t moisturize like we should, or some of the more deadliest things for our edges and baby hairs is we don’t protect our hair at night. We forget to tie our hair up. Sometimes we do tie our hair up  and we don’t think about how wild of a sleeper we are so we don’t put plan b in place ( silk pillow case).

Lately I have  had an issue of my own. My issue has not stemmed from any of what I stated before. My issue has come from the type of bonnet I have been wearing to bed. I wear a huge black bonnet which is great in so many ways. Here is how it’s not great the elastic is rubbing against my edges.

I haven’t seen major edge loss (thank goodness for thick hair).  If you are in the same boat here are some tips that may be helpful. One option is to double down and wear a scarf around your edges (underneath the bonnet). Another option is you could burn it and find one that can do better by your edges.

It is so important to take note of the changes in your hair. The goal is to stop problems before they become huge problems.  We know that when our hair is producing a lot of single strand knots its time to trim. Just like we know the signs of a trim needed  we should  be able to notice the signs of breakage. Be mindful of what your hair is trying to tell you. Dont end up like ya girl in search for a new bonnet. Remember, be happy, be curly, be you, and you will never fail!


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