One Rogue lock

Pintrest imaging

Hey y’all! I hope that everyday this week was an amazing hair day. This post is exactly what the title implies. In my last post I discussed caring for my man’s locks. Well he had this one rogue lock.

I’m telling you it was mad annoying. It was always frizzy no matter how much gel I used. I couldn’t ignore it, not that it would let me it stuck straight up! It was always knotted in with the locks beside it.

It was like an unruly child it never behaved. Back when I still used clips and after I would have to re-twist multiple times to get it to stay.

Don’t even get me started on new growth! Every two weeks it would have the most new growth. I was happy it was growing but it seemed like it was just making it harder to manage.

When I started doing my man’s hair his schedule was crazy! He worked three jobs and went to school at night. It was amazing he had time for anything let alone hair.

There would be times when he choose sleep over hair. I was in school full-time and I worked. Not to mention trying to stay active in all things with in my major. It wasn’t just him choosing sleep it was me as well.

Fast forward to today you wouldn’t be able to find it. It’s now like all the rest. Over time we worked towards staying on schedule with hair care and styling.

Locks just like any other hair style require for you to train your hair. If you are wearing your hair straight you can train your hair by wrapping it every night. Of course locks require more than just swooping your hair in s circle but you get the idea.

Palm rolling and staying on top of new growth (through retwisting) helped the process. It took time for that one rogue lock to be in unison with the rest. Consistency played a huge role in getting us back on track. It was definitely an adventure but every step in the right direction was worth it. Tell me about some of your adventures in the comments I would love to hear from you. Remember, be happy, be curly, be you, and you will never fail!

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