Do you really need the water running as you shampoo




Hey y’all! Welcome back to Afro Frenzy.  Happy deep conditioning and prepoo to ya! I don’t know about you but I love using the shower stream to my advantage on wash-day.  I’m currently prepooing my hair as we speak. Water plays a huge role in getting my hair and scalp clean and prepped for styling. 

But here is the thing for every minute you’re in the shower you use a gallon of water (on average). I can’t even imagine how much a wash day could add up to. I’m not going to preach to you, but if you let me I would love to share with you how I have been using less water on wash-day.

What I do is simple. I simply shut off the shower when I don’t really need it. I spoke with you all about my wash day routine before. I go through a few  steps on wash-day and they are prepoo, sectioning,  finger detangling, detangling, cleanse, and last but not least conditioning/deep conditioning.

I haven’t even gotten to styling and the steps are begining to add up. All of those steps if done while water is  running could really add up to a lot of water being used. Lets not even get in to if I have a double wash-day wammy ( washday times two).

We have went over the problem now let’s get into the solution. I said earlier that I simply turn off the shower when I don’t need it and that’s basically it. Although I love the show stream it’s not necessary in every step.

After my initial detangling and my scalp is saturated I turn off the shower. I don’t need the shower as I’m shampooing. My hair is already wet there for the lather is already taken care of anything else is over kill. Also the prepooing helps to speed up the process.

I also like to wash my hair in sections. When I’m sectioning my hair I don’t need water for that. When I’m pinning my hair into sections before I begin water just isn’t necessary. When I’m finished shampooing a section I turn the shower back on but when I’m ready to put in the conditioner, I turn it back off. I essential ask myself do I need water for this step. If the answer is no I turn it off.

I’m in the  know that this is not going to save the world but it is a small step in the right direction. If you have ever met a toddler you know that baby steps add up and they add up quick. Before you know your chasing after those baby steps.

If you’re wondering the same thing can apply to locks. I actually do the same thing when I handle my guys hair. When its time to wash his hair I  wet it then I turn it off during the shampoo process. This has saved so much water and I feel so much better about taking this initiative every wash-day. Let me know how you save on water on wash-day and how it’s worked for you. Remember, be happy, be curly, be you, and you will never fail!




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