My hair products have officially found a new home aye!

bathroom additional shelves

Hey everyone welcome back to Afro Frenzy! So to be completely transparent I  am that annoying girlfriend who leaves her hairpins around the house. Let’s just say bae doesn’t think that’s my best quality.Long story short him and his brother added additional shelving to our bathroom. Or as I like to call it the annoying girlfriend achievement award aka “got dammit Kris is this another hair pin!”

The shelves were made with our hair care products in mind.This was great for me because I had been using our second room as ground zero for all things hair. As you could have guessed that was bleeding out into the rest of the house.

Having a particular place to put your things really helps out. I can now see everything that I have. I use to be good for getting duplicates of what I already had which just creates more clutter not to mention costly.

I  was loosing hair tools every five seconds. I’m now able to see everything that I have and it makes it easier to know what I  may have run out of. Having a set place to put your hair care items can really be a game changer.

I would definitely recommend adding additional shelves or just getting a container that helps keep your products separate and organized. Like I  said earlier it’s a game changer.

Let me know in the comments how you keep your mini hair supply store organized. I would love to hear from you. Remember, be happy, be curly, be you, and you will never fail!

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