Why length envy is a non issue in my relationship

Photo by Nikisgroove.com

Hey Afro frenzies! I know you probably read the title and was like yeah okay please girl you be jealous. But the truth is I’m truly not.

My guys hair is down his back and I’m completely okay with it. I care for his hair like it’s my own with no problem and have for years.

Apart of it is understanding locks. He has locks and I  don’t. His hair isn’t growing at a faster rate than mine but he is most definitely not shedding as much as I  am.

I  detangle my hair where as he doesn’t have to. The amount of shedding that takes place every wash day adds up which he doesn’t experience in the same way as I do.

In general I  have always found that guys hair tends to get longer a lot  faster than most women I  know.

I have  always chalked  it up to the fact that guys manipulate their hair a lot less than women usually do. You know how that go we want braids, braid outs, twist, Bantu knots, rod sets,etc. We can never decide  so we switch it up and that’s apart of the beauty of being Natural.

At the end of the day we should be focused on healthy hair. Length  should be  seen  as just one of the results of healthy hair not the end all and be all. Focusing on healthy hair is actually how I stopped being so obsessed with the length of my hair.

Don’t let  length envy make you miss out on a great guy.  I may just be a sucker for a guy with beautiful hair (which I  am and he does) and you can pay me no mind.

I truly believe you may be pleasantly surprised. Of course I would rather believe the latter. Remember, be happy, be curly, be you, and you will never fail!

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