The Danger of Over twisting your locks

Art by Kira

Hey Afronzies! I hope that you are have an amazing week. Dread locks are amazing and retwisting them is essential in keeping them intact. But there is a danger in over twisting them.I get it when you’re sitting and letting your mind wander you retwist.Waiting at a red light you retwist. Trying to think of what you want for dinner you retwist. I get it it’s the dread lock version of my hands in hair syndrome.

Over twisting your hair can lead to pulling your hair just a bit too tight. This in the long run can lead to thinning and hair lost. I know right gasp! Who would have thought that a little retwisting in your down time could cause so much trouble long-term.

No the few seconds you twisted a lock at the red light won’t make your hair fall out. The trouble begins when it’s no longer a few seconds but a few seconds here and there peppered across an entire day across the months that form into years.

You may not have chronic retwisting syndrome but you may be very particular about your locks. That’s perfectly ok but try to wait for wash day to retwist. Focusing on preserving your hair after its retwisted would be key if you fit into this box. Invest in bonnets, scarfs, silk pillow cases or stocking caps whatever’s comfortable for you. But what’s a little frizz over a receding hair line. Yes, I’ll take the frizz for 450 ummm kay!

To be clear hair loss can be inevitable. There are somethings that are out of our control. Getting sick or maybe your medicine makes your hair fall out. You may have developed a scalp condition, life happens and that too is okay. But, doing what  you can to preserve your hair now by cutting down on scalp tension aint never hurt nobody. If you don’t want to cut back on retwisting for me do it for yourself  and that beautiful hair of yours. Remember, be happy, be curly, be you, and you will never fail!

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