Is your hair really a different textures when wet

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Hey Afro frenzies! Welcome back to Afro frenzy. I hope that you are doing well. Is your hair really a different texture when its wet is a reasonable question. The short answer to that question is no.

I know what you’ll say  but I have pictures, or I  have seen it for myself. I get it but the answer remains the same.It’s easy to believe that your hair is in fact a completely different texture when wet especially when your hair dries and looks so different.

You may have just washed your hair and literally watched your hair go from defined curly to a full fledge bush and not a mini fro but a huge pick your afro daddy cuz its flat on one side type of fro. I get it girlfriend and I been there myself.

Let me say this the art of a wash and go and most common curly girl hair styles is to capture your curls. In order to do this you really have to play up the moisture.

You will never look exactly how you looked fresh out of the shower but you can have well-defined curls afterward. I know that I mentioned that you hair can turn from well-defined curls to an afro almost instantly after drying well there is an explanation.

When your hair changes from curly to frizz central its your hair expanding in order to get moisture from its surroundings. Essentially your hair is searching for moisture.

Which means that its your job (if showing off your curls is the goal) to find a more effective ways to give your hair the moisture that it craves. I know what you might be thinking I moisturize my hair and it still does this. That very well may be true but I hate to tell you  your hair begs to differ.

You may have to change the way you moisturize your hair. For instance you may be using the l.o.c method and in  reality your hair performs better with the l.c.o. method.

Another reason is you may be simply waiting too long after wetting your hair to apply your products. When creating a curly style the biggest factor of if it goes well is if you capture your curls in their best state which is wet. Try doing your hair wet instead of damp and see if that changes things.

Finding out what your hair likes can definitely be a journey.  like to think that it is well worth it. Good luck to you in your quest for moisture. Let me know in the comments how you moisturize your hair and what has been the most effective. I would love to hear from you. Remember, be happy, be curly, be you, and you will never fail!

2 thoughts on “Is your hair really a different textures when wet

  1. savvyzone

    Great post, the LCO method has always been better for me, decided to try the LOC one time and that was the last time. Also for my hair, less is more about two thoroughly moisturising products and i’m done. I share some hair care post on my blog too if you are interested to check it out☺


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