Retwisting for the very sleepy dread head

Hey guys! Welcome back to Afro Frenzy. As you all know if you read my previous post I  wash and retwist my guys locks. This particular wash day I had a very sleepy man on my hands. In that moment I knew it was time to get creative.Although are schedules link up a heck of a lot better than they did before we can still have some trouble. There are times when him coming home from work and then staying up the additional time it takes to do his hair is just not going to happened.

That may seem like the end of the world but it isn’t. From my previous post on Natural Brickhouse Beauty it’s no secret that I am a huge fan of a two-part wash day.

However, that wasn’t the move for this wash day. I was able to shampoo and conditioned his hair while he was awake. After that he was mostly sleep.

Now of course if this is  someone you don’t feel comfortable with this won’t work. But just as it’s easier to do a young childs hair while they nap it’s the same with someone who is beat from work.

It allowed him not to have to fight sleep and for me not to have to fight to keep his head in the same direction while his head nods. For me that’s a win win. # Ain’t nobody got time for that 👏🏾.

The set up was simple he laid his head down on a towel because we’ll dreads hold water like no other. While he laid on his left side I  retwisted the right side and vice versa. I  actually twisted to the center so he only had to turn once.

I did most of his hair this way. Once he woke up I finished up what I didn’t get to before. This was a painless retwisting for the both of us and allowed me to work on his hair during a time that worked  best for me.

If your caring for a loved ones one else’s locks I would definitely recommend this. Doing someone’s hair on their time schedule may not always work.

For my very busy guy this worked for me and hopefully it’s a tip you can relate to and use yourself. Tell me in the comments how you cope with a sleepy Natural when it’s time to wash and style. Until next time: Remember, be happy, be curly, be you, and you will never fail!

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