No New year resolutions here! 🤷🏾‍ #goalchaser



“New Year new me!” “If you don’t hear from me, you didn’t make it  into the new year!” “Everybody getting cut!” “I’m getting in the gym HEAVY come January!”

Okay, by this point I think you picked up on a common theme here. These are new year resolutions or changes people commit ummm more like semi commit to.

They generally happen somewhere between watching the ball drop and peeing in some random allyway. Most likely on the way home looking for a car they never even drove because they decided to Uber.

I’m not knocking New Year resolutions. On the contrary I think they can be great! But, I also have to admit to you guys that this year I didn’t make not a one girlfriend.

I know I know I could have at least been bothered to make one. My truth is I find that New Year resolutions are treated like dresses we leave the tag on. We try them out for a while and when they get too hard we drop them back off at the little boutique we found it at (lightly used I may add).

I wanted something more concrete. Something that would stand the rest of the year not just the first few months of it. So this year I’m sticking to my goals.

I find goals are a bigger commitment. And let me tell you once you put pen to paper and write it down, put it up where you can see it, I mean really see it, like Im talking in the mirror putting on make up kind of visual, and watch things change. Your holding yourself accountable for it now.

Whatever, you have been putting off last year, put it on this years to do list. Just start taking steps towards your goals. Even if they are baby steps even if you take a few steps back keep going. If they don’t get accomplished this year renew them for the next year. Remember, be happy, be curly, be you, and you will never fail! Happy New year and welcome to 2018!

One thought on “No New year resolutions here! 🤷🏾‍ #goalchaser

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