Three keys to a three strand twist out


Hey Afro Frenzies welcome back! One thing that I love about the natural hair community is that they love to share information.I learned how to do three strand twist some years ago. I asked a women what she had done to her hair and she taught me right there on the spot.

Let me tell you I learned how to three strand twist in the break room at work. I say all that to say  where ever that lovely lady is now thanks a million!

Ever since that day I have been doing my very own three strand twist outs. When doing a three strand twist outs there are three things to be aware of.

Be sure to start on damp detangled hair. Keep track of your three strands so the take down process is that much easier. Last but not least unravel with oil from the bottom up because well tangles.

These all seem pretty easy but I’m telling you I had to remind myself of these things. You have to be so careful when unraveling three strand twist. Starting from the bottom seems like a given but let me tell you this you may be tempted to switch it up DONT!

Keep track of the sections and unravel them separately because single strand knots can happen to you. The last thing you want to do is to cut out a single strand knot when you could have avoided it all together.

Oiling your hands before taking down three strand twist is a must. Being as though your hair is not raveled once but thrice the extra slippage is a God send.

I hope that this post has been helpful for all of you out there willing to brave the mighty three strand twist. Feel free to share your tips and three strand twist expertise in the comments below.Happy twisting to you! Remember, be happy, curly, be you, and you will never fail!

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