Remaining Goal oriented

Hey Everyone! I hope that you have had an amazing hair week. Earlier this month I talked about my preference of goals over new year resolutions.Goals are great! Like I said before it’s just something about putting pen to paper. If I’m honest it can be easier said then done. Staying motivated to accomplish your goals can be tricky.

We put  off our goals and most people have already forgotten about their goals for the new year. So many have settled into the “it’ll happened to me one day” crew we all have met them or been them at some point.

We know what we want to accomplish but we continue to put it off. The thing is nothing can get accomplished if your no longer working towards what you want.It’s easy to get off track.

The saying out of sight out of mine is a thing. Once you take down those sticky notes and stop making moves to get to to your goal you have put your car in park.

You my friend are sitting on the side of the road in the middle of no where and, no where is no where close to your happy ending.

The only difference between us and the us we want to be is positioning. Once we put ourselves in a position to win we in there. I recently told my closest friends if she gets her foot in the door, kick the door in.

Going for yours can be hard. You have all these ideas of where you want to be and it seems pretty far off from where you are now. Well if I’m honest I’m in the same boat.

Moving forward doesn’t have to be a sprint but the race won’t start if we don’t move our feet. Hopefully this has motivated you to keep pressing towards your goals.

Feel free to share your tips for staying on track and goal oriented in the comments below. Remember, be happy, be curly, be you, and you will never fail!

2 thoughts on “Remaining Goal oriented

  1. ordinarilyextraordinarymom

    Slow and steady. I give up on my goals sometimes when I do not see the results I want, but I’m learning to appreciate slow and steady even when I’m putting in 150%. The growth I want to see will be slow and steady. Or small changes on my end instead of life overhauls that I cannot maintain.

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