DIY flaxseed gel experiment


Hey guys, welcome back to Afro Frenzy!I hope you guys have enjoyed your week so far. Hopefully my comical first time experience with flaxseed gel will lift you out of your Monday blues.

So let’s dive right in. If you have been rocking with me you may have noticed that flax seed gel was on my DIY to do list. Well guys you live and you learn.

First of all it took me two variations of strainers and a gentle eye opener (and a little side eye ) from bae before I got the hint. Yeah don’t use a strainer. You would think after all the YouTube videos and questions I asked I would know better.

Honestly guys I just got excited when I saw the flaxseeds at the grocery store. I can admit it I got a bit ahead of myself. I went through a pot, two strainers, nylons, 2 pairs of messy hands (because of course a partner in crime is always necessary)and a ton of laughs.

I finally got cozy with a pair of nylons and my home made press a.k.a the hands God gave me. Talk about messy! It was like being covered in slime. At one point I thought I was an old school game contestant. But you will be happy to know that some time later I made it through.

I ended up with a nice flaxseed gel that I infused with a touch of coconut oil. You know the term work smarter not harder. Welp a sister will be game for that next time.

Although I was extremely happy with the results the road could have been a bit easier. The bright side of my little experiment is that I can now share with you an easier way to make flaxseed gel.

The tools you will need are a pot, a food press, possibly a nylon (knee high would be best) flax seeds of course, and water. Last but not least a container you want your gel to go in.

The process when done right is a easy peasy no brained. Start off with your desired amount of flaxseed cover the seeds with water. Bring the seeds to a boil stirring occasionally. Once seeds are boiled take out your unused nylon and redistribute the seeds and water there.

Once the seeds and water mixture are safely in the nylon pull out your food press. Place the nylon on the press and squeeze. You may have to fill the nylon a few times depending on how much you made. This should be done over the container you want your gel in.

When that’s all finished the only thing left to do is add in any essential oils you may want in the gel. Once you have or have not added in your oils the gel is ready to be refrigerated. Once the mixture cools it will take on the gel consistency we’re all looking for.

I hope that this post was insightful for you. I hope that this post inspires you to try more DIY’s that spark your interest. Now that I know how easy it can be to make my own gel I will be keeping you guys posted with my results.

Let me know in the comments about your experiences with home made gel. I would love to hear from you. Remember, be happy, be curly, be you, you will never fail!