Denman Brush:The wide tooth combs of brushes

So, I have been talking about getting a denman brush for ages and I finally got one. I’m like the last one to jump on the band wagon.

Here are my thoughts. I actually do enjoy using the denman brush and here’s why. The denman brush for me is great because it acts as a brush but also as a detangler with out disturbing your curl pattern.

In a previous post I mentioned that the paddle brush was the enemy welp let’s just say my sentiments are not the same with the denman brush. In comparison the denman brush is the man for the job. It detangles with out snagging and with an ease and finesse that the paddle brush just doesn’t have.

I’m actually sad I hadn’t tried it sooner. I’ve been missing out big time. The way it works through curls is definitely something I was never able to get with a brush until now.

Now you can’t brush your baby hairs or Smooth down your hair for that sleek bun, but you couldn’t do that with a paddle brush either. With a denman brush you can work through your curls with ease which means less shedding which means more hair on your head instead of your shower drain.

If you haven’t tried the denman brush yet I would definitely recommend. I’m mean if your a newly natural or just tired of ripping at your hair with a paddle brush girl give a denman brush a try. If you’ve been using it all this time while the rest of us have been none the wiser hats off to you babe. Remember, be happy, be curly, be you and will never fail!

3 thoughts on “Denman Brush:The wide tooth combs of brushes

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