Does your Baby have cradle cap??? Good news it’s not your fault


First thing first it’s not your fault. You haven’t done anything wrong. Cradle cap is such a common condition it really is. Now that that’s out of the way take a breath! Your good mommas I promise!

When I saw my baby I counted his fingers and his toes. I Didn’t check his scalp. It wasn’t even on my list of concerns. It’s not that it doesn’t count but when you look back this will be minor.

So what is cradle cap? Cradle cap is a common skin condition that is seen in babies. Your babies body is simply producing more sebum then they should. This shows up as scales or dry patches on the scalp. It can also affect the forehead and other ears around the head like ears. Hence why it’s called cradle cap.

My baby like so many others had cradle cap. I took great relief in knowing a few simple truths. First that cradle cap is temporary. It’s not a life sentence not by a long shot. As your baby grows the cradle cap will fade. Usually around 6 months.

My son will be a year soon and there isn’t any sign of cradle cap. He will literally never have any signs of cradle cap again in his life. It’s so temporary!

While going through I was so concerned about it. I had a talk with my mom and found out that me and my siblings had it too. Only difference is these days there are more resources. You can find shampoo and brushes geared towards babies with cradle cap.

If I’m honest I didn’t use anything geared towards cradle cap. I simply used Doves line for babies. I used the head to toe body wash and shampoo.

To remove scales or patches I found it easier o gently brush his hair when wet. The scales or patches would come up easily. Even better I stole a technique from his dad.

His dad would focus on any hard patches of skin while shampooing and he would spend a little extra time massaging that area with balls of his fingers. This technique gently lifts the patches from the scalp. It made it so much easier for me to comb them right out after bath time.

My son had a mild case of cradle cap you may feel that you need to do more. But whatever you do I want you to know it’s okay. You’ll get through it!

If you remember nothing else from this post I hope you remember this. That it’s not your fault. Your child is still healthy and strong. With or with out cradle cap your baby is your biggest blessing. This cradle cap business is temporary not a life sentence. Don’t stress it like not at all. Remember, be happy, be curly, be you and you will never fail!

P.S go hug that baby!!!

2 thoughts on “Does your Baby have cradle cap??? Good news it’s not your fault

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