Memmba that time my edges fell out??

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Gurl! Do I have a story for y’all this week. I talk about length retention and hair growth but the truth is I struggle too. Me not being attentive cost me my edges. MY EDGES!!!

Let me just set the stage for you. It was a few months after I had my son. I started to notice that no matter what I did the scalp around my edges was literally peeling up. I was applying oils and butters and nothing was making it better. It was literally on fire!

I started doubling up on some of my go to oils and my homemade butters. Despite my efforts my hair was coming out. I mean this was a whole new thing for me. I mean not to toot my own horn but edges was never a struggle for me.

At first I thought omg it’s happening, I’m that mom whose edges fall out! But I asked my mom and my family no one else experienced hair loss after giving birth. It was unheard of.

I was bringing it up so much my sister told me to talk to a dermatologist. By this point the skin around my edges turned pink.

And let me just say pink is not my natural complexion. Your gurl is brown been brown my whole life (ask my momma if you don’t believe me).

One day me and Al were going through my sons stuff. We were prepping his bag. Al(his dad) just brought a huge case of wipes. Something told me to look at the ingredients.

Gurl it had aloe in it. Im Allergic To Aloe!It makes my skin itch and burn and peel etc. I have been allergic for as long as I can remember. I always check my hair products and skin products for aloe. I completely let this go over my headπŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ.

I mean it made perfect since. I was using the wipes to wipe my son and myself down on the go. The aloe from the wipes on my hands and I touch my face that’s all it took. Over time it lead to hair breakage and a heck of a lot of irritation.

I always preach about reading labels. I should have taken my own advice. I mean what a slap in the face. Ya girl was over here balding because I didn’t check the label.

Well long story short I switched brands. I also applied my home made butter to my edges like daily to promote growth. Now here I am months later with a whole new set of edges.

Honestly you may not even notice the difference. Which is saying a lot because they were just none existent(Like bare baby!).

I am living proof that you can regrow those edges. Also maybe even a cautionary tale of reading the label. I will say this know the signs of an allergic reaction.

I was a new mom on antibiotics and life saving drugs. When finding out what was wrong I had to go through the process of elimination. Hair loss can be due to medication, hormones, and in my case an allergic reaction.

My case for hair loss was an easy fix. The only thing I had to do was switch wipes and wash my hands and hair. After that I was able to start the process of regrowth.

Everyone’s experience is not as comical as mine. If you are facing hair loss because of hormonal, scalp, or medication issues your not alone. Don’t be afraid to ask your doctor those hard questions. Remember, be happy, be curly, be you, you will never fail!