Food for the Scalp

img_2132Hey Gurl, Hey! Todays post is all about the scalp.The seasons are changing and so are our hair care regiments. With each new season comes different concerns. The cooler months affect our skin and that includes our precious scalps.

Scalps are so important when it comes to hair growth. It’s literally the foundation that we grow our hair on. It can’t really get any more important right? Here is my dilemma I get winter eczema. You may have heard me refer to it as “winter itch.”

Every single fall/winter. I battle the same battle. My scalp peels and can become very dry. This year I decided to get ahead of the game. This season I’m doing things differently. My plan is simple hydrate and moisturize.

I know you may have been expecting something different then usual nope same goals as always. But here is what I am doing different oil mixing. Quick side note squeeze bottles are life get one.

I mixed up some of my favorite oils for my scalp. I’m talking jojoba, vitamin e, Jamaican black castor oil, and grape seed (mixing oils provides you with the best combination for your scalp needs). It was the perfect blend. Of course it’s just the beginning of my exploration.

Whatever, oils and butters your using this season just remember to prioritize your scalp. We can be so distracted by what is coming out of our scalp we don’t take the time to care for the actual scalp.

This season pamper your scalp. Look at caring for your scalp as self care. If you make it a chore you’ll just end up skipping it. Mix your oils and massage your scalp. It’s the perfect way to relax after a long day. Not to mention the perfect way to stimulate your scalp to promote major hair growth.

When you know better you do better! Better for me this fall and winter is making my scalp the star of this crazy hair show. If your looking for me you’ll find me mixing up my next batch of scalp oils. Until next time! Remember, be happy , be curly, be you, and you will never fail!

3 thoughts on “Food for the Scalp

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