All baby combs are not created equal

Hey, hey y’all welcome back to another week of Afro Frenzy! Today we talking about the babies yet again and guess what? All baby combs are not created equal like not at all sis!

The tools you use make all the difference. You want to make sure your using combs that suit your babies needs. You wouldn’t comb through your curls with a rat tooth comb same thing with the little ones.

Paying attention to the width between the teeth of your combs can make such a difference. My sons hair has changed so much in one year. In that one year I had to change how I cared for it. One of the biggest changes has been how I work through it with combs.

Texture, density, and tightness of your babies curls determines what combs are best. Although my sons hair is soft he now has tighter curls then before. He even has 3 different textures in his hair the middle being the kinkiest.

Using a wider tooth baby comb is definitely the move now that he has texture. Babies/toddlers are always growing and changing and that includes their hair. We have to adapt to those changes (Hair is just one of many).

It’s so easy to just pick up a baby kit with a comb included and not pay attention. I get it were all in a rush, but what I will tell you is it definitely makes it easier if you do. Making washday for your baby as easy as possible is the goal. A wider tooth comb can help! Remember, be happy, be curly, be you, and you will never fail!

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