New Year, New me, who this??šŸ‘€

Welcome back to Afro Frenzy! Y’all already know it’s that time of year again. Everybody including ya girl has some New Year resolution up their sleeve. In this post I’m going to share all my hair goals for this year with y’all.

I’m stepping into this year dipped in cocoa butter, slathered in Shea buttered and coconut oiled OUT you hear me! Gurl! I have so many things I want to see happen for my hair this year. But first I gotta air out my dirty laundry.

This year I haven’t been keeping up with my trims as well as I use to. I know, I know not a good habit. So with that being said you already know what’s at the top of my list for my new hair resolution. Yup you guessed it keeping up with trims.

If I’m really honest right now as I write this ya gurl def needs a trim. Like currently should be in mid snip ya feel me! This year has been so real for me. Getting through the first year of motherhood and dealing with health issues hair just wasn’t always at the top of my list.

It so easy to loose sight of hair goals when you have full life to lead. But I know that this year is our year! We’re going to smash all of our hair goals. Healthy hair should always be the main concern. If we keep that at the center of any New Years resolutions we have we’ll be sure to reach them (with in reason).

My other goals are length. But what would long hair be if it wasn’t healthy. Essentially all my hair goals go back to keeping up with trims and just taking good care of my hair.

You all know the basics keeping up with deep conditioning, trims, moisture, gentle and limited detangling. Eating foods that support healthy hair (don’t skimp out on those greens shorty) and last but not least staying hydrated. If you ain’t right your hair won’t be either. So I’m trying to get right! If your on the same boat as me please know I’m cheering you on all 2020!!

Happy New Year from Afro Frenzy to you and yours. I hope that what ever your New Year resolution is you give your self a little grace. Take the pressure off and just love on your hair. Remember, be happy, be curly, be you, and you will never fail!

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